Who went to jail in Collin County this week? #crimes

Police and jail records in Collin County, Texas, show arrests and charges for

A 22-year-old white female charged with theft …

  • 31-year-old Hispanic female charged with driving without license and seatbelt
  • 20-year-old white male charged with marijuana possession
  • 27-year-old black male charged with third-degree felony driving while intoxicated
  • 29-year-old Hispanic male charged on third-degree felony warrant – possession
  • 32-year-old white male charged with possession of concealed substance
  • 33-year-old white male charged with aggravated assault and public intoxication
  • 36-year-old black male charged with possession – state jail felony
  • 42-year-old black male charged with driving while intoxicated
  • 42-year-old white male charged on property theft warrant
  • 43-year-old white male charged with driving with an invalid license and possessing marijuana. Big Bass Towing hauled in the vehicle
  • These are only a few of those arrested in past week. Look up Collin County jail records for more information



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