Who are your elected Collin County officials?

County Judge
2022 (R) Chris Hill County Judge 972-548-4623
County Commissioners
2020 (R) Susan Fletcher Commissioner, Precinct 1 972-548-4676
2022 (R) Cheryl Williams Commissioner, Precinct 2 972-548-4626
2020 (R) Darrell Hale Commissioner, Precinct 3 972-548-4625
2022 (R) Duncan Webb Commissioner, Precinct 4 972-548-4627
2020 (R) Shane Williams Constable, Precinct 1 972-548-4419
2020 (R) Gary Edwards Constable, Precinct 2 972-547-1860
2020 (R) Sammy Knapp Constable, Precinct 3 972-881-3070
2020 (R) Joe Wright Constable, Precinct 4 972-731-7320
County Clerk
2022 (R) Stacey Kemp County Clerk 972-548-4185
County Court at Law Judges
2022 (R) Weldon Copeland Probate Court 1 972-548-3811
2022 (R) Corrine Mason County Court at Law 1 972-548-3860
2022 (R) Barnett Walker County Court at Law 2 972-548-3820
2022 (R) Lance S. Baxter County Court at Law 3 972-548-3831
2022 (R) David Rippel County Court at Law 4 972-548-3841
2022 (R) Dan Wilson County Court at Law 5 972-548-3850
2022 (R) Jay A. Bender County Court at Law 6 972-547-1850
2022 (R) David Waddill County Court at Law 7 972-548-5680
District Attorney
2022 (R) Greg Willis District Attorney 972-548-4323
District Clerk
2022 (R) Lynne Finley District Clerk 972-548-4320
District Court Judges
2020 (R) Angela Tucker 199th District Court 972-548-4415
2022 (R) Jennifer Edgeworth 219th District Court 972-548-4402
2022 (R) John Roach, Jr. 296th District Court 972-548-4409
2022 (R) Tom Nowak 366th District Court 972-548-4570
2020 (R) Benjamin N. Smith 380th District Court 972-548-4762
2020 (R) Mark Rusch 401st District Court 972-548-4241
2020 (R) Andrea Thompson 416th District Court 972-548-4520
2022 (R) Cynthia Wheless 417th District Court 972-548-4658
2022 (R) Jill Willis 429th District Court 972-547-5720
2020 (R) Lindsey Wynne 468th District Court 972-547-7260
2020 (R) Piper McCraw 469th District Court 972-548-5660
2020 (R) Emily Miskel 470th District Court 972-548-5670
2020 (R) Andrea K. Bouressa 471st District Court 972-547-1800
Justices of the Peace
2022 (R) Paul Raleeh JP, Precinct 1 972-548-4125
2022 (R) Jerry Shaffer JP, Precinct 2 972-442-3289
2022 (R) Chuck Ruckel JP, Precinct 3, Place 1 972-881-3001
2022 (R) Mike Missildine JP, Precinct 3, Place 2 972-881-3058
2022 (R) Mike Yarbrough JP, Precinct 4 972-731-7300
2020 (R) Jim Skinner Sheriff 972-547-5100
Tax Assessor-Collector
2020 (R) Kenneth Maun Tax Assessor-Collector 972-547-5020​


Texas Music Revolution March 20-21

Ready for the Texas Music Revolution & Rodeo?
KHYI 95.3 The Range has released the lineup for its 24th annual Texas Music Revolution (TMR) music festival scheduled for March 20-21, 2020.
Musician Lukas Nelson is headlining the two-day festival with a performance Saturday night.
Confirmed: Ray Wylie Hubbard, Eleven Hundred Springs, Walt Wilkins, Ottoman Turks, Radney Foster, Joshua Ray Walker, Squeezebox Bandits and 40 Acre Mule.
Plano Stages’ Arts and Events said TMR tickets start at $14.95 for a single evening and go up to $195.30 for two-day VIP tickets, which include upfront seating near the stage, VIP parking, VIP cash bar, VIP bathrooms and access to the Ferris wheel and petting zoo.

Weekly mortgage applications soar 30% as homebuyer demand hits the highest level in 11 years — Marie Sells Dallas

Weekly mortgage applications soar 30% as homebuyer demand hits the highest level in 11 years Unfortunately, buyer demand is bumping up against near record-low supply #mariesellsdallas #firsttimebuyer #homesales #mortgage

via Weekly mortgage applications soar 30% as homebuyer demand hits the highest level in 11 years — Marie Sells Dallas

Who went to jail in Collin County this week? #crimes

Police and jail records in Collin County, Texas, show arrests and charges for

A 22-year-old white female charged with theft …

  • 31-year-old Hispanic female charged with driving without license and seatbelt
  • 20-year-old white male charged with marijuana possession
  • 27-year-old black male charged with third-degree felony driving while intoxicated
  • 29-year-old Hispanic male charged on third-degree felony warrant – possession
  • 32-year-old white male charged with possession of concealed substance
  • 33-year-old white male charged with aggravated assault and public intoxication
  • 36-year-old black male charged with possession – state jail felony
  • 42-year-old black male charged with driving while intoxicated
  • 42-year-old white male charged on property theft warrant
  • 43-year-old white male charged with driving with an invalid license and possessing marijuana. Big Bass Towing hauled in the vehicle
  • These are only a few of those arrested in past week. Look up Collin County jail records for more information



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