What to do after the storm? #cityofmckinney

Posted @withrepost • @cityofmckinney On June 9, the city experienced very strong winds which resulted in trees being blown down. In some cases sidewalks, alleys and streets were blocked. Public Works staff is in the process of cleaning up trees at numerous locations.

As of 11 a.m. today, staff has removed trees/limbs at most of the following locations and continues to drive the streets to check for limbs and debris in the roadway.

1. 607 Throckmorton

2. 5800 Pine Ridge

3. 1402 Coleman

4. Ridge/Silverado

5. 2606 Saratoga

6. 2509 Highgate

7. Woodstream/Country Club

8. 4710 Spanish Moss

9. 2607 Bunker Hill

10. Alma/Rancho De La Osa

11. Westridge/Reagan

12. Highgate/Trenton

13. 5309 Arrowhead Way

14. 1553 Valley Creek

15. 6016 Greywalls Drive

16. 3302 Sedona

17. Bass/Lamar

Removal of trees/limbs from private property will be handled as routine yard waste and removed by Waste Connections (Please see graphic for information). http://www.mckinneytexas.org/yardwaste

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