Frisco TX: Boyd Park honors early Frisco resident – Walmart donates land at Stonebrook Parkway and FM 423 #visitFrisco #Friscoparks #WalmartdonatesparklandinFriscoTX

The City of Frisco’s park system grows by nearly 10 acres thanks to a Walmart land donation, valued at more than $1.1 million. Residents and visitors will find the passive park reel-y fun considering amenities include a large pond and fishing desk plus benches, trails and a spillway.  Now named Boyd Park, the passive park is south of the Walmart located on the southeast corner of Stonebrook Parkway and F.M. 423.

Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney said: “We’re grateful to Walmart for making significant investments to develop the property.  Walmart has turned (what could have been) a typical water retention facility into a beautiful amenity to be enjoyed by nearby residents, visitors, store employees – even shoppers – of all ages. It meets our vision to create unique and different experiences in Frisco.  It offers our community more ways to Play Frisco, a Parks & Recreation initiative considered a council priority. Finally, it promotes fitness and wellness which our community values.”

Glen Johnson, Market Manager with Walmart, said: “Walmart is very serious about helping people in the communities it serves; during its last fiscal year, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation donated $133.6 million to Texas nonprofits.”

The park has been named posthumously for Claud Boyd, whose family first moved to Frisco in the mid-1800s.  Claud Boyd was a longtime business owner and well driller.  Family members say Boyd also contributed equipment and gravel for the original construction of Lebanon Road. Dorothy Rolater, Boyd’s daughter, and her son Tony Rolater were present during this morning’s park dedication.

Dorothy Rolater said: “It means everything to our family!  I just think it’s awesome. He did a lot of good things for a lot of people and he didn’t want recognition for anything.  But I think he would be very honored.”

Amy Deathereage, Chair, Parks and Recreation Board, said, “It’s befitting this park should be named for a Frisco family. This park is destined to serve many families as they work, live and play in Frisco.  Boyd Park offers the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle.  Take a jog or stroll along the water features, cast a line from the pier, or just sit a spell and relax. And if you forgot or need something to help you and your family, friends extend your play day, this Walmart Marketplace is close by.”

Rick Wieland, Assistant Director, Parks and Recreation, said: “This is a wonderful example of a private partner collaborating with the city to create an amenity for everyone to enjoy. We’re grateful for Walmart’s contribution.

Shannon Keleher, Director of Parks and Recreation, said, “The park expands the diverse opportunities our citizens have to explore the outdoors and encourages all to reconnect with nature and play naturally.”

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