Frisco City Hall 101 class wrapping up – Consider signing up for fall classes to learn more about how #FriscoTX works #friscocityhall101 @visitfriscotx

Discover Frisco City Hall 101

Quickly learn more about the place where many of us live and thrive. Frisco City Hall 101 is free and designed to give citizens a behind-the-scenes look at how city hall and other municipal facilities operate. The 13-week program will be on Monday evenings.

Spring 2019 Session graduates April 29
Consider signing up for City Hall 101 when it starts in September 2019

Hear from Mayor Jeff Cheney, city managers, department directors and key city staff. Find out what it takes to build roads and parks and to plan for Frisco’s future growth. See the equipment first responders from the Frisco Fire Department and Frisco Police Departmentuse to protect and save lives.

City Hall 101 is open to citizens 18 and older.

Monday Evenings
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Various municipal locations

Take a look at Frisco City Hall 101 Spring 2019 schedule


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