Frisco ISD: What will be impact of School Finance Legislation #txlegeschoolfinance

Viewpoint from Frisco ISD

The average homeowner in Frisco ISD would save approximately $307 this year in property taxes, while the school district would receive up to an estimated $510 more per student next school year, under a bill passed Wednesday by the Texas House of Representatives.

House Bill 3 pumps billions of new state dollars into public education, while simultaneously decreasing the burden on local taxpayers and addressing systemic problems within the current school funding system.

The bill must now be reconciled with the Senate, which has earmarked the same amount of money in its proposed budget for public education and property tax reform, but proposes spending those dollars in a different way. The key difference is each chamber’s approach to teacher salaries.

The Senate plan includes a $5,000 pay increase for every full-time teacher and librarian in the state at a cost of $4 billion, as well as $2.3 billion for a school finance overhaul and $2.7 billion for property tax relief.

In the House, HB 3 has been amended to include across-the-board raises for all full-time school employees who are not administrators. The amendment requires school districts to spend 25 percent of additional funds received from an increase in the basic allotment, the amount school districts receive annually for each student, on salary increases for employees other than administrators.

At least 75 percent of those dollars must be allocated to across-the-board raises, while the remainder could go to discretionary raises. The provision would apply to any future increases in the basic allotment as well, providing a mechanism for guaranteed staff raises in the future.

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