Frisco ISD: Lebanon Trail High School teacher honored as Tom Norris Texas Academic Decathlon Coach of the Year #AcDec #academicdecathlon

Lebanon Trail High School teacher Jarred Stewart has been selected as the 2019 Tom Norris Texas Academic Decathlon Coach of the Year for medium-sized schools.

Stewart has been coaching since 2012 and took the helm as Lebanon Trail’s Academic Decathlon coach when the campus opened in 2016. With an all-freshman team, Stewart led the team to state, an inspiring fete.

During the second year, Lebanon Trail broke the small school record at state with over 44,000 points as a team, advancing to nationals.

“The academic nature plus the competitiveness of AcDec are a natural fit for me,” Stewart said. “I love that I get to mentor and inspire a team of kids to grow and be better. Teaching them life lessons and watching them succeed on their own hard work is the greatest thing in the world.”

As an AP US History and AP Seminar teacher and Academic Decathlon coach, Stewart always encourages his students to push themselves to their maximum potential.

“Every year there are moments of teaching, lessons that have nothing to do with the actual AcDec curriculum, where I see students learn and grow as young people,” Stewart said. “Sometimes it’s tying a tie, how to correctly tip a server, dealing with defeat or the value of kindness.”

Stewart was honored with a trophy and cash prize at the Texas Academic Decathlon State Meet at Collin College after being nominated by the Lebanon Trail AcDec team.

During the nomination process, the AcDec team explained how Stewart genuinely cares about his students’ individual happiness, even more so than their performance at competitions. He understands and respects everyone, even those who do not compete in Academic Decathlon. He encourages all students to succeed in school and be their own unique individuals.

Published by Brian Bearden

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