McKinney TX: Outdoor warning system; storm damage update; roofers must have permit in McKinney TX

From City of McKinney

In the storm aftermath, take a preparedness evaluation
Sunday storms brought baseball size hail to areas of McKinney sparking an activation of the city’s outdoor warning sirens and resulted in damage to hundreds of cars and roofs. In the aftermath of a hazardous storm, scammers seek to make a quick dollar. Before you start signing checks, let’s evaluate some important information.

How familiar are you with the outdoor warning siren system? 
McKinney’s Outdoor Warning Siren (OWS) system is designed to notify residents and visitors who are outdoors of potential hazards, weather and other emergencies. When the city activates the OWS, move indoors, seek more information and monitor TV, radio or other media for necessary actions. The OWS can be activated for a variety of conditions including:

  • Severe thunderstorm warnings predicting hazardous conditions such as large hail (1 ½ inches or greater), destructive winds (73 mph or higher), or other hazards requiring immediate protective actions in order to save lives and property.
  • Tornado warning or sighting.
  • Chemical spill/release presenting public exposure and potential harm.

Visit the Office of Emergency Management for more information.

Did you know solicitors are required to have a permit? 
Solicitors are required to carry a solicitor’s permit issued by the city. Always ask to see a permit if someone is at your door. If they don’t have one, or if you have a complaint about a solicitor, contact the McKinney Police Department non-emergency number, 972-547-2700. Solicitor’s permit information is posted online.

Are you aware that a permit is required for all roofing projects? 
Since 2015, all roofing projects, including residential, require a permit from the city. We highly encourage you have approval from your HOA for the project prior to submittal for a permit. The permit must be posted and clearly visible from the street before the project commences.

Do you know what questions to ask a contractor before hiring? 
In Texas, there is no such thing as state licensing for roofers. Anyone can hang up a “shingle” and call themselves a roofing company. How can you determine, as a homeowner, if you’re hiring a legitimate, experienced roofer who will be around after the storm season? The North Texas Roofing Contractors Association has provided a list of important questions to ask a contractor to assist you in the decision process.

Can you spot a scam? 
The scam: A contractor asks you to sign something before going on your roof to estimate repairs.
What to do: Read it carefully. Make sure it’s not a contract, or you could be left holding a bill without ever seeing an estimate.
The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has provided a list of common scam scenarios to help raise consumer awareness to tactics used scammers. Pleasereview them before hiring a contractor. Also read the list of tips on how to select a contractor.

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