Collin County Sheriff’s Office K9 Program receives donation

From Darrell Hale, County Commissioner
The following is the summary for the upcoming week’s agenda. Please join me and others to attend the Commissioners Court meeting at the Jack Hatchell building at Community and Bloomdale. It is held on the 4th floor promptly, Monday, 1:30 PM.
You can always find the full agendas posted here: FULL AGENDA
Previous Weeks Agenda Discussion Points to Note:
–Commissioner Webb had a great presentation on the conversion of the HOV lane to a managed lane that would for 22 hours per day the lane being a free lane and 2 hours it being a tolled lane albeit at low cost. Starts at 3:10
–At 26:11 we passed a settlement motion 5-0. Mr. Fratter agrees that he has been overpaid. Mr. agrees to repay $140.735 and Collin County agrees to pay $4900 and $40,177.81 for felony cases he has not been paid for yet and additional cases he is assigned as has not billed nor been paid for. All payments made to Mr. Fratter will be paid into the county treasury until he has fulfilled his obligation. Mr. Fratter agrees that he will not seek additional appointment until he has repaid his debt. Collin County has agreed it will hold and not file the final agreed upon judgement for two years (Mar 21st, 2021). If he has not met his obligation we can then file.
Regular Meeting at 1:30PM for this week.
This Weeks Agenda:
Consent and FYI:
There will be the usual other department notifications, FYI notifications and consent agenda for non controversial or routine items (here are a few):
–$31800 to establish the budget for 2019 teen court.
–February personnel turnover. LINK
–Voluntary terminations and reasons. LINK
–Indigent Defense Disbursements. DISBURSEMENTS
–Building Site Plan Review Fee from $.12 to .20.
–Acceptance of a donation in the amount of $10,000 for the Collin County Sheriff’s Office K9 Program.
–Acceptance of a donation in the amount of $2,000 for the Collin County VALOR Program
For Open Court Discussion:
–Public Hearing for proposed changes to the Collin County Subdivision Regulations and further approve proposed changes.
–NCTCOG Executive Board monthly update.
–86th Legislative Agenda
Upcoming Meeting Subjects:
–April 8th I have requested Warren Casteel come in and discuss the Northeast Texas Trail with us and his request that we support a resolution of study for the NETT to become a state park.
–April 15th I have requested for us to discuss US 380 again and to entertain a motion of a preferred alignment.

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