DFW Real Estate: More homes coming on market

We are seeing more FOR SALE signs popping up again in local Collin County neighborhoods. Great time to move to Texas and into a home.

Zillow reports: “January marked the reversal of a longstanding trend in the housing market. A modest annual gain in for-sale inventory last month means that for the first time in at least a half decade, the U.S. housing market began the calendar year with more homes available for sale than the year prior.”

January real estate inventory shows 1.6 million U.S. homes listed for sale on Zillow Real Estate Market Report, an increase of 1.2 percent from 2018.

While signs are going up here, the numbers of people wanting to move have jumped in the higher-taxed areas of the country.

Most of the for sale signs are going up in California, so target your move to Texas ads there and in Seattle on social media, said Brian Bearden. He says be sure to look in Lucas, Texas, and Wylie, east of Allen, if you want bigger lots. The new neighborhoods with big homes there look amazing. Most real estate agents in DFW don’t seem to know about these larger houses and lots out in the country.

High taxes and lower quality of life with overcrowding and bad West Coast traffic have sparked an increase in homes available:

San Jose, California. up by 42.9 percent

Seattle, Washington, up by 36.9 percent

San Diego, CA, up by 31.9 percent

Los Angeles, CA, up by 29.1 percent

San Francisco, CA, up by 25 percent.

Zillow reports median U.S. home value in January was $225,300, an increase of 7.5 percent year above January 2018.

If you are moving to Texas from California or New York, buy friendly. Get one property for your home and another to  rent for what you are paying for your tiny crowded place on East or West coast, Bearden said.

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