Plano City Council votes to censure 73-year-old council member over his Facebook posts

The Plano City Council censured member Tom Harrison, who was asked to step down by other elected council members, in a special meeting of the city council on Sunday.

Harrison, however, apologized but said he would not resign over his Facebook posts.

Harrison said: “I will not comment on the advice of my attorney, but I will not resign.”

In Plano, it will be up to the voters to determine if the 73-year-old Harrison would be elected again. He took office on his four-year term in 2015. Plano officials said the censure does not mean the council can remove him from office.

Despite the social media posts of one city council member, Plano is an inclusive city that welcomes all, the mayor said at the State of the City presentation and again Sunday.

Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere said: “We want to make sure if you are in Plano, you feel that you belong. That must be embodied by the privileged eight that sit on that council chamber.”

The Mayor was clear in his position and said Harrison should resign immediately if the council man cares for the city.

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