Restaurant spotlight: Harry’s at the Harbor in Adriatica Village in McKinney TX

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Harry’s mission at Harry’s at the Harbor is to “Provide every guest an exceptional experience by providing great food at reasonable prices with the best service in McKinney, in a friendly, clean, unique facility in Adriatica.”

The team goal at Harry’s is for you to “relax and enjoy your time At The Harbor”.

What do you need to know about Harry’s at the Harbor in Adriatica Village?

Let’s let the owners tell the story: “Once upon a time… in a land called Fort Worth at a place specializing in Information Technology (IT); Harry and Jan met and eventually were married in 1987. They were blessed with two beautiful daughters named Mandy and Kristin. Their IT jobs eventually led them to a new, exciting land of Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney in 1998.”

Did you know? Daughter Mandy eventually graduated from McKinney North (2007) and Kristin graduated from McKinney Boyd (2010).

Harry’s at the Harbor in Adriatica Village in McKinney, Texas.

Yes, but how did you eventually dock at the Harbor and start a restaurant?

“As the years went by, it came to pass that Harry achieved 34 years in IT Management and Customer Service; he desired and dreamed about owning his own business and leave the corporate world far behind while Jan continued in this realm of work.

“Harry and Jan have shared a love of competing in and being spectators in athletic sports since their childhood; and with their German and Czech heritage also enjoy food and spirits. They take great pleasure in being patrons at good local restaurants sharing a meal with family and friends while catching a game or sporting event on TV to relax.

Thus, the dream of owning a business developed into an idea to create an establishment that they would find irresistible: great food, spirits, family friendly, clean-appealing atmosphere, excellent service, ability to catch a game on TV with locality to Stonebridge Ranch and easy access for the McKinney community overall. So they contacted some friends of theirs, (who together have more than 50 years in the restaurant business) to discuss teaming together to create a restaurant that would provide all of this at reasonable prices.”

The story won’t be complete until you and your family visit Harry’s at the Harbor in McKinney. Make time to take photos in Adriatica Village.


SECRET DINER REPORT: What do we suggest? Well, try Brunch of course. Brunch runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. … The Harbor Omelet with smoked salmon, the homemade potato pancakes, chorizo, bacon were hits for breakfast.

Want the Adriatica Breakfast? The chef will make you olive oil – infused couscous sautéed with Mediterranean chorizo then topped with two fried eggs with grilled flatbread.

If you can’t wait for brunch on Sunday, you can always go to Harry’s at the Harbor for a cheeseburger. Burgers are served with your choice of french fries, sweet potato fries, potato cakes, or side salad. Burgers are cooked medium, medium well or well done.

The menu is fun, and the meals can fill you up. You can keep it light with salads. When in Adriatica Village, you can’t go wrong with the flatbreads – The Italian, The Mediterranean, Chicken Pesto, Veggie, Buffalo or even the Philly.

Just want to visit the Harbor at night? You could try the appetizers … the Village Fondue, Neighborhood Nachos, New Zealand mussels to name a few … We also liked the Calamari, Cajun style gumbo, Wings and the Ravioli, but what do we know. We were hungry after a walk around Stonebridge. Ask about the after-dinner drink specials.

Not ready to bait your hook yet? Sometimes we just go for dessert: Creme Brulee, Strawberry Shortcake … but, if you like chocolate, you might be tempted by the TRUFFLE MOUSSE 🙂 with layers of moist sponge cake, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and chocolate icing. drizzled with our homemade sweet bourbon sauce and some whip cream on top.

Harry’s at the Harbor
Monday-Wednesday: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Thursday-Saturday: 11 a.m. – Midnight
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sunday Brunch 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Editor’s note: Don’t be late: Kitchen closes one hour before closing each day

6601 Mediterranean Dr. McKinney, Texas 75070

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Saturday morning fun with Mavs & Mochas Porsche Car Club at the Frisco Rail Yard – Live music on Saturday night

This just in: Photo from Frisco Rail Yard

Check out what’s happening at the Frisco Rail Yard Saturday

The Mavs & Mochas Porsche Car Club parked outside the Frisco Rail Yard in the morning.

In case you missed it …

Frisco Rail Yard 972-294-5436
Frisco Rail Yard: Matthew Bell and Next of Kin … Soul driven and heartful sound

Matthew Bell and Next of Kin played the Frisco Rail Yard to open the weekend Friday. Listen in at FRISCO RAIL YARD LIVE MUSIC


On Saturday night, Mark Sena and the Funk Machine take the stage.

Frisco Rail Yard - First Street and Main Street

Where: The Frisco Rail Yard is situated off Main Street at 9040 First Street east of the Dallas North Tollway near Toyota Stadium.


Frisco TX: Sci-Tech Discovery Center offering Mother’s Day special on Sunday, May 14 – Last weekend for Nano World

Sci-Tech 8004 North Dallas Parkway Frisco Texas 75034

Moms and grandmothers can go to Sci-Tech this Sunday for $5 tickets at Sci-Tech on Mother’s Day, May 14. It’s also the last weekend of the Sci-Tech Nano World exhibit!

Location: 8004 North Dallas Tollway, Frisco TX 75034

For Drivers: Sci-Tech Discovery Center is just south of Cotton Gin Road and north of Stewart Creek in Frisco near the Frisco Community Theatre.

Remember to Share on your Social Media with the Mom’s you know.


Sci-Tech Discovery Phone: 972-546-3050

Sci-Tech Discovery Center –




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