Local State Representatives Jeff Leach, Matt Shaheen say line crossed; Texas Freedom Caucus says conservative bills targeted, Reps vow to fight back

Texas State Representatives Jeff Leach and Matt Shaheen of Collin County say bills that would save babies, keep property taxes down deserve to be kept alive in this Texas legislative session.

State Rep. Jeff Leach (at center talking first on video): “It has always been about policy. What has happened to us has been personal, petty politics. … This has crossed a line. … Sometimes you have to fight back. When a bully punches you, sometimes you have to punch back.”

State Rep. Matt Shaheen (pictured on left and talking second on video): “This is not the first time this has happened. Our bills have been targeted for weeks. In the current House of Representatives, if your voting record is too conservative, you will not be allowed to pass legislation. That is un-Democratic. Because what that means is you will not be allowed to represent your district. Representative [Jeff] Leach said it well, we are here to debate issues and let the best ideas prevail.”

Video posted by Michael Quinn Sullivan, president and CEO of Empower Texans, and its project, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility: Conservatives from the Texas House Freedom Caucus hold a news conference Thursday night in Austin at the State Capitol about the House leadership killing reforms.

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