Plano Mayor’s race, council election turning nasty as opponents of Harry, Prince, Valente smeared

More than $100,000 is being spent in money raised outside Plano to keep Mayor Harry in office. The campaign is running the Good Old Boy style campaign where the Mayor smiles in every picture and says nice things, while using slight of hand to send out negative dirt on opponents.

When we opened the mail box this week and found a expensive front- and – back full-color mailer from Ben Harris we thought this looks brilliant as he leaves office because of term limits. It looked like a positive mailer thanking voters. But, it was something else in disquise.

It would have been brilliant all the way through if Ben Harris had just said positive things about some candidates we really like in this May 6 election. But, it went from brilliant to bad in seconds for us.

The latest negative ad dressed as a positive advertisement contains some nasty information on the opponents, who are all against Plano being overcrowded.

Negative campaigns and mud-slinging have historically worked nationwide and across the state but the David Dewhurst dark and nasty campaign probably cost him the State Senate election.

Negative campaigns are generally used to cover-up and hide the real problems of candidates running them.

There’s a new mailer out touting Plano’s Best Candidates, but it is loaded with negativity and smears. Just look at it. Dripping with mud.

In his expensive mailer, Ben Harris is the face of Harry’s negative campaign against Lilly Bao.

Now, Ben Harris is also the face of the negative campaigns against Ed Acklin and Anthony Ricciardelli.

We suggest Ben Harris say positive things about the candidates he supports. And stop there.

And, usually when someone comes out campaigning negatively while pretending to be a positive, you know that means that person wanted to run for Mayor but calculated that he would lose in a race with Harry. These negative nasty words against Acklin and Ricciardelli are just the stepping-stone to a later run for mayor by Ben Harris, if history helps us predict future Plano campaigns.

You may have also seen Harry’s other latest mailer that blames all of Plano’s problems on Frisco’s growth. True, Frisco is the fastest growing city in the USA. That all happened while Plano was putting all its efforts into that bizarre turn-around traffic system on Preston Road and Legacy. Frisco also took off while Plano was watching neighbor Richardson build its new huge CityLine around State Farm.

Plano is a great city. Let’s don’t go blaming Plano’s problems on Frisco.

Good luck to all, including Ben Harris, who did a fine job getting Plano to where it is. Again, he is not running this time, but we expect to vote for him again in the future.

Ben if you paid someone who told you it would be a good idea to attack opponents, you might consider getting your money back. All you did was turn a brilliant positive into a real negative. Polling before the election showed that Harry could win this election by just putting his feet in his cool socks up on his desk and taking a nap. He has all the name recognition. Voters know his smiling face. He landed several big companies. And, he has that colorful sock collection. … Just shake hands and smile. … But now polls are showing his campaign made a mistake by going negative. The way voters know if polls reveal that a popular Mayor is nervous is when a candidate launches a negative campaign through the mail and makes personal attacks. We will never understand why Harry has his friends even mentioning the opponents. Build up Harry not tear down concerned citizens.

Stop smearing opponents and their families like you did to Bao, Riccardelli and Acklin. What that tells residents is that if you stand up to city hall and ask questions, you will be smeared. We don’t want that.

Stay positive.


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  1. I hear there was an ethics violation complaint filed today against both Harris and LaRosiliere because of this mail piece. The culture of corruption at Plano City Hall continues…


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