Opponents of Keep Plano Suburban attacking positive posts on Social Media

The war is on to bring in more high density apartments so that local schools can be overcrowded, and it appears the battle has moved to Facebook, where opponents of Keep Plano Suburban are blocking positive stories on local candidates on Facebook and Twitter.

We will keep printing positive stories on all sides, but do know that you are not being allowed to see both sides on your social media.

Get to know ‘Go-Getter’ George Fuller – Interview on 620 AM with Bo, Barbreanne, J.T., Judge Raleeh #McKinneyRising

Listen in as Bo Carver and his crew check in with old friend George Fuller on the morning show on 620 AM.

Tune into Part II of the Bo Carver Show interview with George Fuller.


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ADRIATICA Croatian Village in McKinney, Texas, on Virginia Parkway at Stonebridge west of U.S. 75 and east of Custer Road.

The Maylee Thomas Band

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LWV-CC Plano Candidates Forum Saturday, April 8 at Haggard Library – League of Women Voters of Collin County


LWV-CC Candidate Forum: Plano. Candidates in contested races for Plano Mayor/City Council, Plano ISD, and Collin College.

Haggard Library is at 2501 Coit Road between Park and Parker in Plano, Texas

When: Saturday, April 8, 10:30 a.m. to  1:40 p.m.
Where: Haggard Library, 2501 Coit Road, Plano, TX 75075

Go to League of Women Voters of Collin County LWV-CC for the schedule, format, list of candidates, campaign literature information, and candidate’s statement. This event is not sponsored by the City of Plano nor the library.

LWV-CC Plano Candidates Forum Session 1 – 10:30-11:45

Attending: Lily Bao, Harry LaRosiliere, Bill Lisle, Douglas Reeves

City Council Place 2
Attending: Ann Bacchus, Anthony Ricciardelli, Al Valente

City Council Place 4
Attending: Ed Acklin, Kayci Prince

City Council Place 8
Attending: David Downs, Stirling Morris, Rick Smith

Learn more about the League of Women Voters of Collin County

LWV-CC Plano Candidates Forum Session 2 – Noon-1:00

Plano ISD Trustee Place 1
Attending: Carissa Picard, Tammy Richards

Plano ISD Trustee Place 2
Attending: Amanda Jackson, Jack Liu, Angela Powell, Sree Yedavalli

Plano ISD Trustee Place 3
Attending: Nancy Humphrey, Nathan Rylander
Not attending: Yvette Jackson

Plano ISD Trustee Place 6
Attending: Marilyn Hinton, Greg Myer, Trish Patterson

LWV-CC Plano Candidates Forum Session 3 – 1:10-1:40

Collin College Trustee Place 1
Attending: Greg Gomel, Fred Moses

Collin College Trustee Place 2
Attending: Jeri Chambers, Nancy Wurzman

Collin College Trustee Place 3
Attending: Stacey Donald, Larry Wainwright

This CollinCountyMagazine.com story is part of a series leading up to the 2017 May 6 elections.


Want to know more about the candidates – Attend the Plano Chamber Candidates Forum on April 11 and the Mayor Forum on April 13. #CollinCountyVotes

This CollinCountyMagazine.com story sponsored by the Lincoln Society of Collin County


Learn more about the candidates #CollinCountyVotes


This page sponsored by the Lincoln Society of Collin County


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