High-density apartments, overcrowded schools, roads jammed with traffic not answer for Plano; candidate for Mayor Lily Bao wants smarter government, better future for Plano

Did you move to Plano to live in an overcrowded big city?

Do you want to Keep Plano Suburban?

Trust your instincts: Do you know in your heart that adding more high-density apartments is the answer to moving Plano forward?

Traffic: Do you want more cars on the roads in front of you while you are trying to go to work?

Education is important: Do you think your kids will learn better in overcrowded schools?

Check out what Lily Bao has to say, or get ready to see Plano go from a hard-working suburban community to a city stuffed and congested with apartments and overcrowded schools.

Video from The Plano Chamber meet the candidates on YouTube.

LILY BAO is endorsed by PlanoFuture.org, Plano Citizens’ PAC and EMPOWER TEXANS!

As your Mayor Lily will work to …

Lily Bao’s commitment to “Keep Plano Suburban” comes from a desire to protect our suburban way of life.

Maintain Our Suburban Way of Life!
People move to Plano because they appreciate a suburban lifestyle. That is, single-family houses located in safe neighborhoods near exceptional schools that are accessible without sitting in gridlock. As Mayor, Lily will work to preserve our suburban way of life and push back against the rapid increase of high-density housing which will lead to overcrowded classrooms, increased traffic on our already-strained infrastructure, longer response time from our emergency responders, and decrease in our property value. Lily supports growth but it needs to be smart growth and within our means.

Lily Bao wants to Be a Voice for the Citizens!

In recent years, the current administration has turned a deaf ear to the voice of the citizens. Lily will listen to the concerns of Plano citizens and be their voice at City Hall.

Lily Bao will Implement Accountability and Transparency!
As your Mayor, Lily will restore the citizens’ confidence in our elected officials. By putting our city’s budget and monthly spending online, Lily will bring true transparency to Plano city government. It’s your money. You should know how the city is spending it.


Lily Bao is A Strong Fiscal Conservative!

The city under-budgets on revenue and over-budgets on expenses leaving a surplus at the end of each budgeting cycle.  That surplus is then put in a slush fund to be spent on pet projects.  Those funds need to be returned to the tax payers. 

Lily Bao wants to Reduce Your Property Taxes!

 Our property values have risen approximately 30% over the last three years but so have our property taxes. As Mayor Lily will work to lower the property tax rate and ease the tax burden of hard-working Plano families.

Lily Bao will Foster a Strong Business Climate!

Plano is a great place to do business, but we can be better. As Mayor, Lily will help build a climate where small businesses can thrive as well as attract more businesses from across the country and around the world.

Lily Bao Stands with Police and Fire!

The safety of its citizens should always be a top priority for any municipality. Lily will work with the brave men and women in our Police and Fire departments to ensure they are fully equipped to do the job they are so great at doing.

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Do you want to KEEP PLANO SUBURBAN – If so, consider voting for Lily Bao.

Thought for the day: The bigger the government, the smaller the individual #quote – Dennis Prager

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