Plano Police Report – Child on way home from school offered candy by two suspects in light blue minivan

Plano Police are reporting that a child walking home from Hendrick Middle School  noticed a light blue minivan following him. The vehicle pulled up and someone inside asked the child if he wanted a ride home, and the child said, “No”. The driver then passed by and made a U-turn and drove back toward the child and asked again if he wanted a ride and offered him candy. The child walked away and then made his parent aware of the incident after arriving home.

Police said two suspects were inside the vehicle. One suspect was described as a white male teenager and the other an Asian male teenager. Police said there have been no other reports like this incident.

Plano Police said they investigated a similar incident a few years back near Rice Middle School and were able to identify the suspects. It turned out to also be teenagers playing a prank to try and scare the child.

Plano Police ask residents to be aware and make sure your kids know what to do when approached by a stranger and to report any incident like this, just as this child did. In addition, if you know of or have a teenager that drives a vehicle matching this description, please call the police so they can look into it. Thanks for your assistance.

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