Robbery suspect arrested in McKinney

The McKinney Police Department and the East Texas Task Force of the U.S. Marshals caught up with 59-year-old Benjamin Sanchez, suspected in a recent robbery spree.
Police said a white man in his 50s was the suspect in five aggravated robberies in McKinney and Frisco over the last six weeks. Thanks to crime tips from the public, police closed in on their suspect.
Police said they believe Sanchez robbed a Subway restaurant in McKinney, the same Cash Now office two times and the Costco in Frisco. Employees at the Cash Now told police that the same man attempted to rob the store for a third time, too. Police said the third time was different because store personnel locked him out when they spotted him. 
Police said his fifth attempt was in the parking lot of the post office in McKinney, where he wanted to holdup a senior couple.
McKinney Police said they arrested Sanchez at the Value Place motel on Friday night on U.S. 75.
The Collin County Detention Center is holding Sanchez, and his bond has been set at $100,000.
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