Chris Hill viewpoint: Do we really need a full-time commissioner?

By Chris Hill

Are you wondering why it’s important that Collin County has a full county commissioner?

Consider this:

Recently, our commissioners court has been working hard to negotiate a North Texas Regional Healthcare Partnership. This effort took multiple meetings, including multiple trips to surrounding counties by Commissioners Court members. Court members hosted multiple conference calls with surrounding counties, made a trip to Austin to testify before the County Affairs Committee, and maintained a sustained effort with our legislative delegation. This successful initiative required full-time participation, and this is only one example of how our commissioners serve the citizens of Collin County.

We need a commissioner who will work for us!

As you can see, we need a full-time commissioner who will be an advocate for the citizens of Collin County. We can’t afford a commissioner who is busy working a second job or distracted by the responsibilities of juggling a commercial real estate business.

We don’t need half of a commissioner!

And when you consider that Collin County taxpayers pay their commissioners a full-time salary of over $100,000 with benefits, the decision is easy. Collin County deserves a commissioner who will be dedicated to serving the citizens full-time.

We wouldn’t elect a county sheriff, a county district attorney, or county judges who intended to maintain a competing business interest. So why would we accept less from our county commissioner?
Chris Hill is a candidate for county commissioner.
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