Who is making news in photos this week?

Tree the Town >

Making news: NBCDFW interviewing Amir Omar at Tree the Town in Richardson.

Official ground breaking to kick off the Tree the Town
Planting in the Duck Creek Linear Park
Sponsored by Eltek Valere.
— with Allen Pitts, Gary A. Slagel, Bob Macy,
Mark Solomon, Janette K. Monear and volunteers.
Dig it: Tree the Town in Richardson

On the campaign trail >

Mike Murphy and Natural Blue Pacific Pools held a meet the candidates night
with Terry Box, James Mosser, Terri Henson Green, Barnett Walker,
Chris Hill, David Evans, Angela Tucker in McKinney.

American Idol >

Hollie Cavanagh jumped into the Top 5 on American Idol. Click to hear Hollie sing “The Climb.”
Hollie made the 2012 American Idol Top 5.

StoneAge >

StoneAge will be playing at Gators in the West End in downtown Dallas on Saturday.

Dallas Guitar Festival >

George and Maylee at Dallas Guitar Festival.
Photo courtesy of the Guitar Sanctuary in Adriatica
on Stonebridge and Virginia in McKinney.

New Rides >

McKinney became WRX HQ 

Jon Christopher Davis > Troubadour Texas on TV

Jon Christopher Davis plays Rick’s Chophouse
 in downtown McKinney at 7 p.m. Saturday.
 JCD will be on  TV on Troubadour Texas on Channel 12 in McKinney,
 Channel 21 in Dallas at 11 a.m. Sunday.
McKinney Education Foundation Gala >
MmEeFf Gala with County Commissioner Matt Shaheen, Congressman Ralph Hall,
 McKinney Mayor Brian Loughmiller and Rockwall County Commissioner Dennis Bailey.
Prosper’s Sumvruta Iyengar advanced to State Tennis.

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