Plano parents, schools alerted to possible kidnapping attempts reported that Plano Police said several men may have tried to kidnap a fourth-grader as he walked to school in north Plano on Tuesday morning. The boy told police a gray van pulled up alongside him as he was walking to Skaggs Elementary School. Three men were in the van, he said.
By lunchtime, the principal of Skaggs sent an e-mail warning to more than 500 parents about the incident. Read more at

CBSDFW.COM reported that parents and students at six schools in Plano have been placed on alert regarding suspicious persons approaching children. The six incidents have occurred since Jan. 1.

“To have as many as we’ve had over the short time is unusual,” said Plano Police spokesman David Tilley.

The Plano Independent School District sent e-mail alerts to the parents with students who attend:
Davis Elementary, at 2701 Parkhaven Dr.
Bethany Elementary, at 2418 Micarta Dr.
Saigling Elementary, at 3600 Matterhorn Dr.
Haggard Middle School, at 2832 Parkhaven Dr.
Rice Middle School, at 8500 Gifford Dr.
Schimelpfenig Middle School, at 2400 Maumelle Dr.

Plano police say the cases do not appear to be related. Read more at

The Dallas Morning News reports that recent letters to parents from Bethany Elementary and Rice Middle School discuss incidents in which strangers tried to lure children into their cars.

The News reported that in one instance, a silver Infinity drove up to three boys near Bethany. The person in the car offered the students candy, the note said. The kids fled.

The News reported that last Friday, two Rice students were approached by adults in a white SUV. A white male teenager and white female teenager with long blond hair asked the kids to get in the car. The students ignored the strangers and the car eventually drove away, the note to parents said. The families alerted Plano police of both incidents.

 The Dallas Morning News reported Feb. 7 that Plano police say two teenagers who asked Rice Middle School students to enter an SUV last Friday were pulling a prank. No charges have been filed. Read more on the Plano blog.


After the incidents, Plano parents and students are on alert to watch for strangers and to stay away from vehicles.

Santorum sails into North Texas after campaign victories in three states, picks up fans, funds in McKinney, Plano

By Brian Bearden

Sen. Rick Santorum picked up campaign victories in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri on Tuesday then hit the campaign trail again Wednesday morning in McKinney.

Santorum’s campaign has been making up and down progress during the first two months of the year. First he finished eight votes behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in Iowa, then a recount gave Santorum the Iowa caucus. … Next, he dipped in polls after falling in New Hampshire and Florida, then rose again last night in three states with victories.

Just as Santorum’s run for the presidency has been making progress despite a few ups and downs, the campaign’s hot air balloon (sans Santorum) had its own ups and downs in McKinney on Wednesday.
The Santorum balloon rose quickly off the ground in McKinney’s Croatian village, then began moving southeast but a little too close to the Bella Donna Chapel in Adriatica before rising above the church and over the lake.

The balloon dipped to one side, and appeared not quite full of air, and the basket started sinking slowly toward Stonebridge Lake. As the flight almost became more interesting than it was supposed to be, the balloon pilot sent flames up and managed to clear the shoreline and sail past the homes on to the next stop for the Santorum for President campaign.

Outside the chapel, Santorum also picked up a following of families, especially a number of mom’s with preschoolers and babies in strollers on the chilly North Texas morning. The former Pennsylvania senator grabbed the attention of area pastors and clergy as he spoke inside Bella Donna Chapel. One pastor told The New York Times he could see Santorum had a heart despite earlier media coverage.


Showing his support of families and the Pro-Life movement, Santorum told the McKinney audience that his daughter Isabella has had her own close calls. Doctors told the Santorum’s that their daughter would be born with a serious genetic disorder. The Santorum’s chose to have the baby despite hearing she may not live more than a few days.

“No matter how long it was going to be, we wanted her to be a part of our family. We brought her home on hospice care. We started celebrating Bella’s birthday every week,” Santorum said. “Then an amazing thing happened – she didn’t die.”

Bella is stilling fighting for her life each week. The Washington Post reported Jan. 30 that his 3-year-old daughter almost died that weekend after a serious bout with pneumonia.

“A simple cold can kill her, and it almost did this weekend. She ended up with pneumonia and a cold,” Santorum said. “But she was able to get great care and really made a great turn around.

“We give her everything we would any child we have, especially our love,” he said in McKinney.
Santorum said that while his daughter Bella has battled to survive, he has tried to be strong for his family.
“I love Bella, and decided what’s best for her and my family is that I had to be the rock we could lean on. … She is such a special girl.”

Santorum champions Pro-Life causes and told the McKinney audience that Conservatives have to battle against the intolerance of the Liberal “Left,” especially when it comes to abortion and traditional marriage. He cited a recent court ruling.

“Where is the tolerance in that?” Santorum asked. “What that says is that the only way you can possibly believe in traditional marriage between one man and woman is if you are a bigot and irrationally full of hatred.
“This is the intolerance of the Left,” Santorum said. “It is a religion unto itself. They fear reason, and they fear dissent. Dissent comes from folks who use reason and common sense. The Left believes that if you hold these views, your voice and you should be obliterated from the public square.”

From McKinney, the campaign moved on to North Dallas’ Northwood Country Club, where WBAP (820-AM) talk show host Mark Davis served as emcee for a fund-raising luncheon hosted by Tait and Joy Cruse.
On Wednesday evening, Santorum has a rally scheduled at 5 p.m. for tea party activists at 5 p.m. in Allen at the Courtyard by Marriott, east of U.S. 75 on Stacy Road. He will be in Plano at 7 p.m. at Fairview Farms (Corral Barn – 3314 North Central Expressway #100 at U.S. 75, just north of Parker Road).


In response to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling on Proposition 8 – the 2008 ballot initiative codifying the traditional definition of marriage as one-man and one-woman, Santorum said: “The decision by the 9th Circuit is another in a long line of radical activist rulings by this rogue circuit – and it is precisely why I have called for that circuit to be abolished and split up. Marriage is defined and has always been defined as ‘one man and one woman.’ We simply cannot allow 50 different definitions of marriage.
“The people of California spoke clearly at the ballot box that they wanted marriage defined in the traditional manner of one man and one woman. And for a court, any court, to usurp the power and will of the people in this manner on an issue this fundamental to the foundation of our society is wrong.
“We need to have a Judicial Branch that acts within its Constitutional bounds. We need to have a President that is willing to stand up to the Judiciary. We need to have a President who will fight to protect marriage once and for all with a federal marriage amendment. I am committed to being that President.”


On Thursday, Craig James of Celina endorsed Santorum. James is running for U.S. Senate.

Colorado — Rick Santorum 40.3 percent, Mitt Romney 34.9, Newt Gingrich 12.8, Ron Paul 11.8.
Minnesota –– Santorum 45.0, Paul 27.1, Romney 16.9, Gingrich 10.8.
Missouri –– Santorum 55.2, Romney 25.3, Paul 12.2.

MORE COVERAGE interview video




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Sen. Santorum in McKinney, Allen, Plano on Wednesday

From Mark Davis of WBAP radio …


Senator Rick Santorum, fresh off primary wins Tuesday night, will address local pastors and members of clergy in a private, invitation-only event — however, there will be a rally outside the chapel for supporters to attend. Senator Santorum’s address will be broadcast outside, and after he speaks to the clergy, he will come out to speak to the public. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear his personal testimony!

9:30 – 11:00 a.m. at Bella Donna Chapel in McKinney, Texas


WBAP’s Mark Davis will emcee a luncheon featuring Senator Santorum and hosted by Tait and Joy Cruse. For those wishing to attend, the suggested donation is $250 per person.

11:30 a.m. at Northwood Country Club off Hillcrest north of LBJ 635 in Dallas, Texas.


Sen. Santorum will meet with local tea party activists at the Courtyard by Marriott in Allen at 5 p.m. at 210 East Stacy Road at U.S. 75.

Mark Davis will also emcee this rally featuring Senator Santorum — free and open to the public. Please make plans to bring your families and attend!

7:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Fairview Farms in Plano, Texas, at U.S. 75 and Parker Road (Corral Barn
 3314 North Central Expressway #100).

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