Purse burglary ring tops $100K in theft from local vehicles (Update)

McKinney police said that the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., based Felony Lane Gang is suspected of being responsible for a theft ring across North Texas. Police said the gang works fast and targets checks and credit cards in purses and bags left in vehicles at daycare centers as moms drop off their kids.

Scott Brewer of the McKinney police told CBSDFW.com, “For our city alone the punitive loss exceeds that of $100,000, so let’s just don’t focus on the amount of offenses but the reality is this is hitting our citizenry and our economy very, very hard.

“Typically a citizen will get out, they may secure their purse in their trunk area, or try to conceal it within their car,” Brewer told CBSDFW.com. “Well, these folks are actually watching for that, and they’ll bust in the glass, or they’ll bust out the driver’s side window, and they’ll pop the trunk, and they’ll still take the purse.”


Update from McKinney Police Department: Recent burglaries in McKinney and arrests in North Texas point toward the strong possibility that members of an organized gang known as The Felony Lane Gang are operating in McKinney and surrounding cities. 
This gang is originally from the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area and they primarily operate by targeting women at daycares. While an unsuspecting female is parked at their daycare suspects will burglarize the victim’s vehicle, taking the victim’s purse. Once the suspects have a victim’s identity and checks, they use another victims identity to cash stolen checks in the FELONY LANE, the farthest outside lane of a bank drive-through. 
Daycares all over Texas have been targeted by this gang and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been stolen from banking institutions throughout the country.  McKinney residents are strongly urged to take their purses and other property with them and be aware their surroundings at all times. A GOOGLE search of “felony lane gang” reveals a great deal of information about this gang of criminals.

Farmersville father in critical condition after road rage shooting (Update)

A Flower Mound man, 47-year-old Bobby Schule has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was detained with a $25,000 bail after a road rage incident on Hwy. 380.

Police said a Ford Taurus cut off a Ford pickup on Hwy. 380 around 8:30 p.m. Friday night. That led to road rage and ended with a Farmersville, Texas, man in critical condition. Police said the shooting (between 8:30 p.m. and 8:45 p.m.) Friday was the first in three years in Princeton, Texas.

WFAA’s Monika Diaz reported on Channel 8 that Justin Brazil of Farmersville was in critical condition at Parkland Memorial Hospital Saturday after being shot in the head in what police described as a “road rage” incident in Collin County Friday night. Friends told WFAA that Brazil, a former Farmersville football player,   is engaged and has four children. Brazil also plays for the North Texas Lightning in the Texas United Football League. CLICK FOR NEWS VIDEO REPORT

What led to the shooting?

The driver of the maroon Taurus and the driver of the pickup had words at the stoplights. Police said that the drivers also threw things at each other. Princeton police said the pickup driver fired the shot at the back window of the Taurus in the 1000 block of Hwy. 380. That’s when the passenger in the car was hit in the head. The DPS caught up with the pickup, which had fled.

Others involved: Police said a passenger in the pickup was not charged. Police said the other person in the car was not hurt by the shot through the back window.

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