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Plano woman injured by plane propeller

Lauren Scruggs lost her left hand and suffered eye, shoulder and head injuries when she was hit by a plane propeller. The 23-year-old editor of LoLoMag.com had just stepped off an Aviat Husky A-1 C-180 when the accident happened. She had been on a flight to see Christmas lights on Saturday night before walking into the propeller.

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Police arrest man after camera found at rec center

Plano Police have charged charged Christopher Scott Furber, 43, with improper photography or visual recording. The Garland man is being held Monday in the Collin County Detention Center on $25,000 bond.

Police said that a hidden camera was found in Oak Point Recreation Center. The camera had been disguised to look like an air freshener. Police said the camera was on about an hour before someone spotted it on a wall next to a shower in a family changing area. Police said they have notified one family about the hidden camera and that only one family was photographed. Other recreation centers in Plano have been checked for cameras. Neighbor cities have been alerted.

Cowboys coach explains timeout in 19-13 loss

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett: We very well could have taken a timeout there. We felt like we were in field goal range. We have yard lines that we use as guidelines before the game. We felt like we were in range at that point. Tony [Romo] had them on the line of scrimmage quickly, so we went ahead and clocked it and used that as a timeout. You see so many situations where you have negative plays in those situations. We felt like we were in his range to give him a chance to kick the game-winner.”

Dallas’ last four games:
NY Giants
at Tampa Bay
at NY Giants

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