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Jaynes adding endorsements

This is a copy of the email Joe Jaynes sent out this week.
With the passage of Proposition 10, elected county officials can announce their intentions to run for state offices in early December.
Until such time, we are putting together an endorsement list for an anticipated run for State Representative District 70. I believe the knowledge and experience developed during my time as your County Commissioner will serve Collin County well in the Texas House.

If you would like to add your name to the list of endorsers, just hit reply and type in the name(s) you would like to add and hit send. Your response will help us develop a plan for how we prepare for December.

I am proud of the conservative record that I have established on the commissioners court. For example:
I have never voted for a tax increase;
I authored the 5% county homestead exemption;
Collin County was one of the first counties in the state to receive a AAA bond rating;
We have approximately $2 billion worth of transportation projects underway to keep our citizens moving and businesses growing. At the same time, we have lowered the tax rate;
The commissioners’ court placed our employees on a pay for performance system as opposed to the traditional step system that most government entities have in place;
I led the effort in freezing taxes for senior citizens;
Among Texas’ 254 counties, Collin County has the 3rd lowest property tax rate.

We have also kept long-term personnel and retirement costs down for both current taxpayers and future generations. The median salary for county employees is 55% less than the median salary for Collin County residents. In addition, according to the Texas County and District Retirement System, county employees’ average retirement benefits are valued at less than $25,000 a year through 2025

The best news is that Collin County is one of the few major governmental entities in the nation that has their retirement program fully funded. While other counties and cities are facing multi-million dollar pension shortfalls, our fiscally conservative approach means that we have created no major unfunded liabilities to be paid for by future generations.

Again, let us know if we can count on your support. I look forward to communicating with you over the next few months concerning the issues facing Texas.

As always it is an honor serving you,

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