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Leaders on Fire

It’s interesting how one encounter gets the creative juices flowing about a particular action that serves many purposes, yet is not made often enough. Today the action, or lack of it, that got my juices flowing is acknowledgment. A very simple act, yes, but the results can be monumental.

According to surveys on motivation and what motivates people, almost more than anything else, employees want acknowledgment. Nothing big, just acknowledgment of their presence. From a smile to a pleasant “good morning.” From a minor award to friendly eye contact, all are appreciated and go a long way in building loyalty and making work worthwhile.

The encounter that made me thinking about this today was not in an office or a typical workplace. It was in a coffee shop a.k.a. a bakery.

Maybe it was the time of day – 10 a.m., late for the breakfast crowd, early for the lunch rush. Or maybe not. I approached one cash register. The employee behind it was busy entering a vast amount of numbers into the register. It must have been the national debt. I stood there for what seemed like eons.

Finally, a person with the persona of a manager came up and said, “I’ll take care of you over there” and pointed to the other end of the counter. I made my way through the bakery around tables and barricades as he had directed. Again, I stood in place. An employee was at one of the two registers inputting numbers, greater than the national debt this time. Soon another employee, not the manager, walked up to the second register and started doing something that looked as if it must be terribly important.

All I wanted to do is pay for my iced tea. No, actually I wanted acknowledgment. Acknowledgment of the fact that I was there as a customer and ready to do business. All it would have taken was a little eye contact, a twitch of the lips into a brief smile. Or maybe a short sentence such as, “I’ll be right with you.”

It’s so simple. Maybe that’s it! It’s too simple so it must not be important. Whether you interact with clients, family, colleagues, customers or friends, a little acknowledgment goes a long way. And it is so simple any one can do it.


Where can you watch Mavs?

Brian Bearden’s notebook:

Bonnie Ruth’s Bistro at Watters Creek in Allen says: Let’s do a Mav’s special in the bar tonight. $2 Corona lights, $2 Shiner and Franconia on tap. $5 1/2 pound Black Angus American cheeseburgers, and half price calamari. This is good from 4-Cl in the bar.

Ringo’s Pub
says: Another great way to “Beat the Heat” today…$3 Wells All Day! Game 3 tonight at the AAC 7p.m., Go Mavs!

Hank’s Texas Grill
in McKinney says: MAVS vs. Heat tonight on the big screens!! $2 Maveritas! Game 3, LET’S DO THIS!!

Ebby Halliday,
REALTORS says: It’s National Open House Weekend! Click here to visit EbbyOpenHouses.com where you can search the almost 2,000 open houses in the North Texas MLS. you can even pick your favorites and generate a tour map with turn-by-turn driving directions!

Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc. has this deal going today: Executive 2-Button Patterned Sportcoat. Reg $395 NOW $57 One Day Only while supplies last. http://bit.ly/aKjI6C

Metroplex Cadillac Dealers say: Three great competitions today! French Open: Nadal v Federer. NBA Finals: Mavs v some team from Miami. And the Metroplex Cadillac Best of the Best Chefs! VOTE and SHARE to help us end childhood hunger right here in North Texas. Post on our wall which competition you’ll be watching today!!!

Chestnut Square Historical Village
in McKinney is looking for 15 to 20 great volunteers for the Ice Cream Crank off! We are looking for people to scoop ice cream, help children make ice cream, run supplies,s ell refreshments and/or tickets, and so on. You get a FREE T-shirt, lunch and drinks and, if you need them, volunteer hours.

Volunteers are needed from 9 a.m. -2 p.m. If you are interested, or know someone who is, let them know ASAP.

Thought for the day:

Milton Friedman
‎”I am in favor of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it’s possible.”

Show the restaurant this post and tell them you saw it on Collin County Headlines.com

Idea for downtown merchants

On Saturday in Allen, thousands drove in for graduations at the Allen Event Center.

The parking garages were full.

What if there had been a bus or trolley from downtown McKinney or Celina or Frisco or Plano?

A regular tour bus from the Courtyard in Allen or at Cabela’s might bring in some more traffic for downtown merchants in neighboring cities.

Downtown McKinney could also use a sign on US 75 pointing out that the Hwy. 5 exit is the one to take to the historic downtown.

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