AsiaFest this weekend in Plano

Asian Food, Fun and Music for the Entire Family
Join Plano residents for the 8th Annual Asian American Heritage Festival on Saturday, May 7, at Haggard Park in Downtown Plano.

AsiaFest 2011 will feature a traditional lion dance and over 30 live performances including folk dances, martial-arts demonstrations, and traditional music from a variety of Asian cultures. A popular favorite is the fashion show with children and adults dressed in colorful costumes from their native countries.

Come for lunch and enjoy a wide variety of Asian food from area restaurants such as Plano Chinese BBQ, Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream, Mango Thai, Geisha Japanese Steakhouse, Boba Latte, and Cindi’s New York Deli.
Over 60 booths will showcase Asian art, literature, fashion and more.

Kids are sure to have a great time with the hands-on activities and clown entertainment.

Plano Mayor Phil Dyer will be present to proclaim the first week of May as Asian American Heritage Week.

AsiaFest will be held outside in beautiful Haggard Park in Plano and will be all-day fun for the entire family. Admission and parking in nearby city lots are free.

AsiaFest Food Vendors are Boba Latte, Cindi’s NY Deli, Geisha Steak and Sushi, Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream, Mango Thai, The Pink Corndog Cafe, Plano Chinese BBQ, and Seven Spices.

Plano’s Place 3 race developing

Cathy Fang – Candidate for Plano City Council Place 3
Contact Information:
Background: 1. Education
2. Real world job experience
3. Courage to make no nonsense decisions
4. Integrity
5. Worldwide vision
6. Conservative values
7. Strong work ethic
Finances: The City of Plano should weather the
economic downturn by bringing new businesses to
Plano through economic development, being
proactive with public safety by creating safer
neighborhoods and creating efficiencies in the
current budget by being fiscally conservative. This
increases property values and sales tax revenues.
Retirement: Any pension plan changes should
happen with new hires.
Tax Rate: I will not vote to raise taxes under any
circumstance. I have signed a tax pledge to show
the Plano taxpayers my commitment to them.
Development: Plano cannot afford to continue to
lose businesses to surrounding cities. A stable
economy is needed to become competitive again.
We must revitalize aging and established shopping
centers not just in East Plano or Central Plano but
across the city. We must concentrate on
investments along Highway 75 corridor to
repurpose aging and unused commercial property.
Plano leadership must make economic
development investments to jumpstart the
Technology Park in East Plano with high tech and
manufacturing companies to provide more jobs. It
is important to entice investors locally, nationally
and internationally to increase commercial
development along the George Bush Tollway.
Homelessness: On the Plano City Council I will
work with existing organizations and other religious
groups to help those Plano citizens in need.
Other Issues: 1. The current $9 million dollar
deficit and increasing deficits for the next three
years – the City of Plano should address this issue
by bringing new businesses to Plano through
economic development, being proactive with public
safety by creating safer neighborhoods and
creating efficiencies in the current budget by being
fiscally conservative. This increases property
values and sales tax revenues. 2. Increasing
property tax – I will not vote to raise taxes under
any circumstance. I have signed a tax pledge to
show the Plano taxpayers my commitment to them.

André Davidson – Candidate for Plano City Council Place 3
Contact Information:
Background: As a city
councilmember, former
Leadership Plano Executive
Director, and graduate of the
Plano Citizens Police and Fire
Academies, I have knowledge and understanding
of city operations and programs and experience
addressing issues impacting citizens. During the
past 30 years, I have held numerous leadership
positions including chair of the Mayor’s Community
Outreach Task Force, Volunteer Center of Collin
County, PISD Education Foundation, and Plano
Youth Leadership. Each role required strategic
planning, budget preparation, fiscal responsibility,
ethics, and visionary leadership. In 2005, I was
recognized as Plano’s Citizen of the Year for my
years of community service and leadership.
Finances: Balancing the city’s budget requires a
balanced approach that includes continuing to look
for operational efficiencies to cut expenses, while
exploring increased revenue sources. Core
services and public safety must remain a priority
along with maintenance of our city’s aging
infrastructure. To do this, my focus will be to
advance a well-defined economic development
strategy, encompassing recruitment of new
businesses, redevelopment of aging and vacant
commercial properties, and revitalization of older
neighborhoods. These efforts will not only increase
our property tax base, but will generate jobs, attract
new home buyers to Plano, and augment sales tax
Retirement: A representative from the Texas
Municipal Retirement System, which is the
retirement benefits provider for Plano and
numerous other municipalities in Texas, recently
presented city council an in-depth review of the
city’s retirement plan structure and funding. Based
on accepted actuarial assumptions, Plano’s current
employee benefits package is appropriate and the
city’s benefits program is well funded. Legislation
that is currently being considered in the state
legislature may impact municipal retirement plans
and warrant further review of the city’s retirement
benefit programs.
Tax Rate: To balance our city’s budget I support a
continued effort to look for greater operational
efficiencies while exploring new revenue sources
through aggressive business recruitment,
redevelopment initiatives of commercial and
opportunities. All options, including a tax increase,
merit consideration if the city’s ability to provide
core services, keep the public safe, and maintain
and repair our city’s aging infrastructure are in
jeopardy and the quality of life our citizens expect is
Development: The economic development
challenges facing Plano include: competition from
neighboring cities with greater economic
development funding for business recruitment;
limited land available for development; and zoning
restrictions that limit redevelopment options. To
address these challenges, I support continuing an
aggressive economic development strategy using
Plano’s Economic Development Fund for incentives
and Chapter 380 grants to attract new and
expanding businesses. I also support a welldefined
strategy to build public/private partnerships
that bolster redevelopment of aging commercial
and residential properties, collaborative meetings
with stakeholders to update Plano’s
Comprehensive Plan, and review of zoning
ordinances in areas of potential redevelopment.
Homelessness: In the current economy, it is
critical that cities encourage collaborative efforts
among nonprofit agencies, religious institutions,
service organizations, and area businesses to
address homelessness in the community. I support
providing funds available through the city’s
Community Development Block Grants and
Buffington Grants to agencies such as the
Samaritan Inn, City House, and Habitat for
Humanity that provide housing for children and
families without homes. I also support the council’s
recent decision to request additional information
and reconsider a proposal for “Temporary
Accessory Housing Shelter” provided by religious
groups as a means to address homelessness in the
Other Issues: The most important issues facing
council in the next few years are balancing the city
budget, maintaining the city’s aging infrastructure,
and revitalizing older neighborhoods. Balancing the
budget will require a balanced approach of
reducing expenses and increasing revenues
through operational efficiencies and revenue
enhancement opportunities. Besides continuing an
aggressive economic development strategy, I
support a well-defined redevelopment plan for
vacant commercial properties and expansion of the
“Love Where You Live” initiative in aging
neighborhoods. This will raise property values,
generate jobs, attract new residents, and, thereby,
produce additional tax revenues to insure
infrastructure maintenance and core services.

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