Business: SMU grad Albano earns family law board certification

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS)
announced Friday that Christine (Christy) Albano received Board Certification in Family Law. Christy Albano currently practices in Collin County where she has a solo family law practice.

TBLS recognized the newly certified attorneys and paralegals at the induction ceremony on April 19, 2011. The Supreme Court of Texas convened in special session for the induction, and inductees were sworn in by Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson.

“The Court firmly supports the certification process,” Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson said. “Through certification, lawyers provide enhanced expertise to the most complex problems, and in that way assure Texas citizens of unparalleled competence in the resolution of important disputes. The certification board, and those certified by it, stand as a proud statement to the Texas legal community.”

Board Certification is a voluntary designation program certifying Texas attorneys in 21 specific areas of law. Board Certified attorneys must be licensed for at least five years, devote a required percentage of practice to a specialty area for at least three years, attend continuing education seminars, pass an evaluation by fellow lawyers and judges and pass a six-hour written examination. To remain certified, attorneys must apply for recertification every five years.

“Board Certified attorneys have made a commitment to excellence to serve the justice system in Texas and to benefit individuals and institutions in Texas,” said Ruben Robles, Chairman of the TBLS Board of Directors. “They have dedicated their time to meeting all the requirements for initial certification and they have made an ongoing commitment to continue working and acquiring knowledge in their specialty area.”

Christy Albano is a 1993 graduate of SMU and a 1996 graduate of Missouri-Kansas City Law School. Albano has had her solo law practice since 2003 and was licensed by the State Bar of Texas in 1997.


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