Cool iPad App to display your Portfolio

If you are a photographer, artist or other creative type who would like to have a cool digital portfolio for show and tell on the iPad, check out the “PadPort App.”

Dallas social Media speaker J.R. Atkins recommends the use of PadPort.

PADPORT is an elegant portfolio presentation App for the iPad – designed by and for professional media artists. PADPORT allows photographers, artists and a multitude of other visual artists to assemble a digital portfolio of their works and use the iPad as a new media presentation tool.

The key features of the App include:

MINIMALIST INTERFACE – to allow the content to be the center of attention.

The user can create sets of works to be presented in categorized portfolios.

MULTIPLE THEMES – The App allows the user to select from different Themes and use different Themes for each portfolio.

KIOSK MODE – The App allows the user to present their Portfolios in a private Kiosk mode – disallowing other users or viewers from editing the Portfolio.

EASE OF USE – The App is designed without unnecessary features or complexity – focusing on ease of use by the user.

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