Cool iPad App to display your Portfolio

If you are a photographer, artist or other creative type who would like to have a cool digital portfolio for show and tell on the iPad, check out the “PadPort App.”

Dallas social Media speaker J.R. Atkins recommends the use of PadPort.

PADPORT is an elegant portfolio presentation App for the iPad – designed by and for professional media artists. PADPORT allows photographers, artists and a multitude of other visual artists to assemble a digital portfolio of their works and use the iPad as a new media presentation tool.

The key features of the App include:

MINIMALIST INTERFACE – to allow the content to be the center of attention.

The user can create sets of works to be presented in categorized portfolios.

MULTIPLE THEMES – The App allows the user to select from different Themes and use different Themes for each portfolio.

KIOSK MODE – The App allows the user to present their Portfolios in a private Kiosk mode – disallowing other users or viewers from editing the Portfolio.

EASE OF USE – The App is designed without unnecessary features or complexity – focusing on ease of use by the user.

Anna shooting spree subject sentenced to 30 years

On March 25, 2011, Collin County prosecutors sought and obtained felony convictions on the man who went on a shooting spree in a residential neighborhood in Anna, Texas in September 2008. The accused, Erik Bowen, was charged with two counts of Deadly Conduct (for shooting in the direction of a habitation), and one count of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Following a two-day trial, a state district judge sentenced Bowen to 30 years in prison on the Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon charge, and 15 years on each count of Deadly Conduct.

“Violent behavior will not be tolerated in Collin County,” said Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis. “We will continue to rid our community of those who threaten law-abiding citizens.”

What happened?
Good Samaritan Chased Armed Gunman While Being Fired Upon

On September 1, 2008, residents in The Falls subdivision in Anna, Texas, celebrated the end of the summer with a neighborhood pool party. Later that night, while attempting to shut her garage door, a homeowner observed a man run out of her garage. Her husband and his friend went outside to investigate and walked down the street where they heard dogs barking. As the husband approached a location between two houses, Erik Bowen stood up from behind an air conditioner unit and shot at him two times (missing the husband) and then ran past him and down the street.

Bowen continued shooting at the husband as he chased Bowen down the street. Two stray bullets penetrated neighboring houses; one passing through a garage door, breaking out the back window of a vehicle and the other bullet passing through a front window of a home, and eventually stopping inside a filing cabinet.

The pursing husband/Good Samaritan eventually caught Bowen in the foot chase and a struggle ensued. Bowen then bit the husband in the abdomen and struck him several time in the head with the firearm. Moments later, the husband’s friend came to his aid and Bowen ran away yet again. Several witnesses to the incident testified to hearing gunshots and seeing Bowen drive away in a green Ford Explorer.

The Back Story
Subject Intended to Harass Ex-Wife but Entered Wrong House

Law enforcement authorities believed Bowen was in the neighborhood to harass and intimidate his ex-wife and her new boyfriend who were living in The Falls subdivision. Bowen was seen in the neighborhood days before the shooting, driving the same vehicle, and acting suspiciously. After the shooting, Bowen sent incriminating text messages to his ex-wife.

During the course of the trial, Assistant District Attorney Zeke Fortenberry called 15 witnesses to the stand, including City of Anna police officers, Collin County Sheriff crime scene investigators, the victims, and assorted neighbors who witnessed the events.

District Attorney Greg Willis praised the Anna Police Department and Collin County Sheriff’s Office for their two-month-long investigation that resulted in Bowen’s capture. Willis was also clear to point out that he would never advocate civilians chasing armed intruders, but called the actions of the pursuing homeowner “courageous.”

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