Tea party questions Jaynes’ column on Self

The Mind of Joe Jaynes
From The Texas Tea Party Alliance
“Of the people, by the people, for the people”
Can anyone explain what is going on in the mind of Joe Jaynes? In his most recent newsletter to Collin County taxpayers he asserts that “Judge Self went over to the House side of the Legislature and had an amendment inserted into a bill that would give total primacy not only for the Outer Loop but also for the Dallas North Tollway (DNT) extension through Collin County.” Does Joe think that Judge Self can dictate to the Texas Legislature what to include in the legislation before it? Or does Joe have some other agenda for making such an allegation?

Why is Joe making this allegation now when all this occurred several months ago? He could have been made these assertions in at least two prior issues of his “newsletter.” Is there a reason he is making his allegations now – – just a few days before the election?

Ken Paxton, the representative to the Texas Legislature for House District 70, authored the amendment in question to serve the best interests of his constituents of which all are residents or taxpayers of Collin County. While the majority of the toll revenue of the Dallas North Tollway is derived from the residents of Collin County, a disproportionate share of that revenue is directed away from Collin County to build toll roads in other counties.

The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) has asked the Texas Legislature to grant NTTA the exclusive right to build and operate toll roads in north Texas – – essentially granting them a monopoly. They would then have been able to raise tolls at will and then use that revenue for any purpose they chose possibly entirely outside of Collin County without any input from the taxpayers of Collin County and yet the toll roads in question are within Collin County. Joe, doesn’t that constitute “taxation without representation?”

The amendment authored by Ken Paxton reserved to Collin County the right to build and operate all new toll roads within Collin County where the taxpayers of Collin County could have input, through their elected representatives, as to what toll roads would be built, where they would be built, and how the revenue would be used. Does Joe Jaynes favor taxation without representation? Or is there some other reason that Joe apparently wants NTTA to have control over the construction and operation of toll roads in Collin County?

In his “newsletter” Joe suggests that Judge Self acted unilaterally and contrary to an agreement Joe asserts had been achieved with the NTTA. Joe also indicated in his newsletter that he (Joe) had “sent a proposal to the NTTA…” Is Joe not acting unilaterally and without a consensus of the commissioner’s court?

A few paragraphs later, Joe stated that “it is my goal that all discussions over this topic be transparent and take place in commissioners’ court where the court as a whole has a chance to weigh in…” Why then is Joe posting it in his newsletter rather than discussing it in commissioners’ court?

Speaking of transparency, Joe, what is your relationship with Keith Self’s opponent in this election? Why is it that a Democrat indicates in a campaign piece that he looks forward to working with you and then you publish a newsletter attacking Keith Self?

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County Judge responds to Joe Jaynes

From County Judge Keith Self


My colleague, Joe Jaynes, has put out an email that contains false information. I have no idea why. I have discussed this issue with Joe and with State Representative Ken Paxton, the author of the amendment Joe mentions.

Joe’s allegation that I “went over to the House side of the legislature and had an amendment inserted into a bill that would give Collin County total primacy not only for the Outer Loop but also for the Dallas North Tollway (DNT) extension through Collin County” is absolutely false.

State Representative Ken Paxton authored and inserted the amendment that Joe mentions. He did so with the express purpose, which he routinely addresses in public, to protect the taxpayers of Collin County from potentially billions of dollars of unnecessary costs as a result of a monopolistic tolling authority. Ken Paxton protected Collin County.

I have met with the new Chairman of the NTTA twice on this issue and NTTA is supposed to be sending draft language to Collin County today. Joe’s very public airing of false allegations does nothing to help these negotiations. I left a message with the new chairman of the NTTA letting him know that I do not want Joe’s email to affect our negotiations.

All of us want to find language acceptable to the county and NTTA before the legislative session in January. We are working toward that language. I believe that we can reach that language. The entire commissioners court will participate in the language discussions, including Joe.



Republicans announce ‘Watch party’

Join us at headquarters for our watch party Tuesday evening
From County Judge Keith Self

Have you ever seen a tsunami?
Have you ever watched a wave roll across the whole nation, crashing into every state in the union? Tuesday is your chance.

You have a rare opportunity to watch a wave election roll across the nation Tuesday evening as voters speak their minds.

Join us at Republican headquarters as we celebrate a great Republican victory. Headquarters is located at 8416 Stacy Road in McKinney, east of the corner of Custer Road and Stacy Road. I ask every campaign volunteer who worked on my behalf or contributed to our campaign in any way to join us at headquarters as we join with all Republicans to celebrate and watch the returns come in. We’ll be there at 7 p.m. – we’ll see you there.

The Democrats are trying to manage expectations. At this point, anything less than a 60-seat pickup in the US House will be called a victory by the Democrats. Don’t believe it. This will be a thumpin’.

I want to thank the many volunteers who have been waving our campaign signs at early polling places for the last two weeks. I appreciate everyone who sacrificed your time to help influence voters at the critical decision point, especially given the “October surprise” last week. You made a difference.

As we approach this critical election day, I quote a great basketball coach and greater man, John Wooden; who died this year just four months shy of his 100th birthday. We need to now govern in the more conservative way that voters are demanding. After the Republican victory on Tuesday, remember Wooden’s words, “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. Courage is what counts.”



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