Genealogist Lloyd Bockstruck at Allen Public Library

Genealogist Lloyd Bockstruck discusses genealogical trends and methodologies at Allen Public Library Monday, July 26, 2010, 300 N. Allen Dr.

The event was sponsored by the Friends of the Allen Public Library’s Bach to Books Cultural Art Series and the Allen Senior Genealogy Club.

After a deathbed request from my mother to place a marker on her father’s grave, I pursued genealogy. A U.S. Army veteran, my grandfather died from injuries sustained in World War One. Unfortunately, my mother did not know where he was buried. The Dallas Public Library’s Genealogy section taught me how to research death and burial records which eventually led me to his grave site. That discovery inspired me to continue to learn more about my ancestors, a quest that ultimately led me as back as the Holy Roman Empire.

Genealogy is the study of family ancestries or histories and can lead to discovering fascinating stories. For example, if your ancestor was a Hessian soldier paid by the British to fight the American colonists, you might unearth some previously unknown facts. You may discover how your family members originated from Pennsylvania, which had a large population of German-Americans at that time, and how many of these Hessians deserted the British and later fought for the Americans.

For some, genealogy helps honor ancestors, and for others, it provides a historical context to build your own story. Both proved true for me.

For over 30 years, Lloyd was manager of the Dallas Public Library’s genealogy section. Under his leadership, this section grew from a small collection to an impressive research library. In addition, he has authored seven monographs, including Virginia’s Colonial Soldiers (1988) and Bounty and Donation Land Grants in British Colonial America (2007). From 1993-2008, Lloyd wrote the Genealogy column for the Dallas Morning News. A graduate of Greenville College, he also has two master degrees, one in early European history and the other in library.

Richard Henry of the Allen Senior Genealogy Club declares, “Our club is very excited to have Mr. Bockstruck speak at our July meeting. He is admired for his knowledge of genealogy research and we are looking forward to his program.”

Texans: Ask Your State Reps to Pick Ken Paxton for Speaker

By Mark P. Yablon
One of the greatest movies of all time is Academy Award winning “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” starring Jimmy Stewart. Every American each year should view this inspirational movie.
Frank Capra produced/directed the 1939 movie at a time when socialists were covertly infiltrating American life and World War II was brewing in Europe. Jimmy Stewart is appointed to the U.S. Senate. He’s the All-American guy – and very naive. The governor, senior U.S. Senator and their crooked financier want Stewart to vote their agenda to get along and enjoy the fruits of their clandestine gains.
However, Stewart stumbles onto their multi-million dollar plan to defraud taxpayers. He sets out to educate his fellow senators and the American public. Instead of truth prevailing easily, they run into roadblocks of thuggery, intimidation, political assassination and media manipulation
That movie reflects politics today.
That’s why Texans must stay active after the general election. We can affect another critical statewide election, even though we can’t vote directly. State reps are about to select the next Texas House of Representatives Speaker. The speaker controls the house agenda and appoints all committee chairmen. If he’s against securing our borders, for instance, then it will never be addressed. Some claim the Speaker is the most powerful state political leader.
State Rep Ken Paxton’s (R-McKinney) courageous effort to lead the Texas House as its newest speaker is akin to Mr. Smith – only Ken is not naive and has a proven record of success and political leadership. Texans just elected the largest Republican majority (99 to 51) in nearly 150 years, but there’s no guarantee Paxton will prevail.
Two years ago, 65 House Democrats and 11 Republicans voted in Joe Straus (Rep-San Antonio) as speaker when Republicans barely controlled the house, 77 to 73. Some Republican blue-bloods aka RINO’s falsely believe true conservatives are not electable. However, Reagan in 1980, Paxton in 2002, and this year prove voters want principled, conservative political leaders to stop government intrusion into our daily lives. We want government to protect us from danger, but otherwise, to leave us and our property alone.
Ken and I became friends when we served in Student Congress at Baylor University. I was elected Dorm Rep, and Ken was elected Student Body President. As teenagers, I observed Ken’s ethical and genuine leadership skills. Today, he offices across the street from me in Historic Downtown McKinney, which could be in a Jimmy Stewart movie. Ken is the same principled person who has grown into a loving husband, father of four wonderful children and a speaker for today’s conservative movement.
Ken wants to
1. Bring principled, conservative and ethical leadership to the House as mandated by Texas voters
2. Pass true immigration reform and voter ID;
3. Reduce property taxes permanently; and
4. Stop the feds from invading Texans’ rights;
Those mainstream ideas are equally conservative, which all hard-working Texans support, but don’t seem to be on the radar screen of the current House leadership. What to do?
Rep. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) stated under oath in a hastily staged House investigation this week that Straus’ supporters are threatening Republicans with writing them out of office in the upcoming redistricting process if they support his opponents. Besides the allegations, some reps are too comfortable and don’t want to rock the boat aka their own House committee appointments. Complacency and self-preservation among politicians is bad policy, which conservative reps are starting to publicly address in their support of Ken Paxton.
“Nov. 2 sent a message to legislators that the citizens are done with go along get along politics,” Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R-Parker) told me Friday. “We … need a leader with integrity, vision and solid conservative principles. There is no one more qualified than Ken Paxton to lead us as Speaker of the House. Ken is brilliant, articulate and highly respected among his colleagues.”
Texans can advise elected reps to vote for Ken to lead our Texas House. His common-sense conservative values are now prime-time.
Check out the following and safeguard our liberties and rights:
Phone number of state reps and suggested comments
Flow chart of the players
Rep. Chuck Hobson’s (Chairman, General Investigating & Ethics Committee) ethics and legal warning to House Members about communicating with “private citizens” and improper influencing the speaker’s race
Kelly Shackelford’s (President/Chief Counsel of Liberty institute) letter to House members explaining legality for public to influence speaker’s race pursuant to lawsuit his group won in 2008

Thanks for sending a link of this letter about Ken to your friends.

Mark P. Yablon is an entrepreneur in Historic Downtown McKinney. He participates with and leadings his four beautiful daughters in various community and church activities, including pro-American, pro-family and pro-business causes. He was a delegate to Republican State Conventions from his hometown in Harris County, as a Baylor University student in McLennan County and last year from his adopted hometown in Collin County.

To see movie trailor for “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”

Protecting Patients with the Texas Health Freedom Act

By Ken Paxton
Capitol Steps

Last March, when Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as “ObamaCare,” I committed to work on passing a bill in Texas to reject this over-reaching federal legislation. And so last week (the first week we were able to file bills for the upcoming legislative session, I filed the Texas Health Freedom Act as my first bill for the 82nd Legislative Session.

The power of the federal government to require an individual to purchase health insurance coverage is not found in the United States Constitution. Additionally, the federal government should refrain from imposing unjustified conditions and federal requirements that should be decided by state legislatures, rather than the United State Congress.

My legislation, (House Bill 97 and House Joint Resolution 24) would accomplish the following:

· Guarantees that individuals in Texas have the right to choose or decline to choose health insurance coverage without penalties or sanctions or threats of penalties or sanctions;

· Limits the power of the state agencies, public officials, employees, or political subdivisions from imposing, collecting, or enforcing a penalty or sanction intended to punish or discourage the right of the individual to choose their own private health insurance coverage; and

· Givers the Attorney General the authority to seek injunctive relief against the federal government and defend the state of Texas in court to uphold our state sovereignty.

The U.S. Constitution sets forth the framework of government that limits the power, authority, and ability of the federal government. When the government steps beyond the boundaries of their constitutional limits to require individuals to purchase private products under threat of penalty, then the freedoms of individuals are threatened. The Health Freedom Act, which has been passed by a resounding margin in other states throughout the year, gives Attorney General Abbott the ability to defend our state sovereignty while allowing Texas to determine an appropriate course of action to develop health care delivery methods that maximize the rights of individuals.
State Representative Ken Paxton is in the running for Speaker of the House in Texas.

Joe Jaynes/The County Line: Sam Rayburn Tollway update

By Joe Jaynes
The County Line
According to the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA), all major traffic movements on the Sam Rayburn Tollway (SRT) and US 75 Interchange are expected to be fully operational by the end of January.
This will almost complete the SRT project. The major piece left will be the interchange at the Dallas North Tollway (DNT), which is scheduled to be opened in early 2012.
After touring the project, the NTTA sent over the following facts concerning the SRT (it’s still difficult not to call this 121) that I thought you might find interesting:
* Overall the SRT is approximately 26 miles in length, stretching from Denton Tap Road in Denton County to east of US 75 in Collin County, linking the region’s fastest-growing communities with DFW International Airport;
* The SRT consists of 40 miles of concrete traffic barriers and more than 277 acres of concrete pavement;
* The volume of concrete used in constructing the SRT is enough to build a five-foot-wide sidewalk from Dallas to Minneapolis;
* The square foot area of concrete walls along the tollway is approximately the same square foot area as the face of the Hoover Dam;
* The SRT/US 75 Interchange is designed to handle 238,000 vehicles per day;
* 16 million pounds of steel beams are being used to construct the SRT/DNT Interchange. This is enough steel to reconstruct the Eiffel Tower or build 1 ? Gateway Arches in St. Louis;
* The SRT project used approximately 4 million cubic yards of fill, which was equates to 400,000 dump truck loads of dirt;
* If the dump trucks that hauled the dirt were lined up from end to end, they would stretch close to 1,890 miles — greater than the distance from Dallas to Boston;
* The SRT has more than a half acre of aluminum signs; and
* The sod used to cover this project would cover 325 football fields or three 18-hole golf courses.
Most important about this project is that Collin County received approximately $1.4 billion in funding from the NTTA for future transportation projects. This funding is called Regional Toll Revenue (RTR) funds.
RTR funds will be used on the US 75 expansion, which will be well under way by this time next year.
The total scope of the U.S. 75 expansion is from Spring Creek Parkway in Plano north through Allen, McKinney and Melissa to the Outer Loop just south of Anna.
In addition RTR funds are also being used for the expansions of virtually every major thoroughfare throughout Collin County including:
– SH 121 through Melissa
– FM 455 in Anna
– U.S. 380 through Farmersville
– U.S. 78 through the Wylie and Lavon areas
– U.S. 380 through Frisco
– U.S. 289 through Prosper and Celina
– Custer Road in McKinney
With the state facing a $25 billion shortfall it is safe to say that there will not be any new funding for transportation coming out of the legislature next year.
It is the RTR funding from the Sam Rayburn Tollway that is keeping Collin County’s major transportation projects moving and our economic development growing.
I look forward to keeping you updated on these important projects.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

McKinney on films, on TV


2010 – Chase, NBC TV series, used the North Texas History Center, Bingham House Bed & Breakfast and a rock quarry on 380.

2010 – The Language of a Broken Heart, used The Book Gallery and Churchill’s British Pub.

2010 – Balaam Gimble’s Gumption, a short film shot by Blue Logic Productions in the historic Courthouse (MPAC) with the goal of eventually producing a full length movie. Based on the novel by Texas author Mike Nichols.

2010 – The Final, official website looks pretty dark (

2009 – Hey Dillon, documentary (

2009 – The Poet & Pepper, video. This is another that looks like it is available for free viewing or download. Amazon says that it is out of stock but also says that it is burned on demand.

2008 – Monsterland

2008 – Unglued, a 20 minute short film won Best Drama at 2008 SouthSlam Film Festival in Austin and Best Editing at 2008 Treasure Coast International Film Festival (

2008 – The Intruder, available on Amazon, this film has a few reviews that suggests it might be a good buy for the horror film buff. (

2007 – Honest Abe , a recreation of the silent films of the 1920′s, this film is available for viewing on IMDB (

2006 – Prison Break, episode “Manhunt” – used historic Courthouse (MPAC ), available for download on FOX site, (

2005 – The Prodigy, I found this one on Amazon but it looks like it may only be available in the European format and won’t play on our DVD players. (

Several – Walker, Texas Ranger – various episodes used different backdrops.

2002 – Almost

1999 – Boys Don’t Cry used the McKinney Grain Company and the grain elevator as a backdrop. Hilary Swank won an oscar for her role in this film. (

1998 – Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack, TV movie starring Clint Black, available on Amazon (

1996 – A Promise to Carolyn, a made for TV drama featuring Delta Burke, I can’t find this on-line anywhere.

1993 – Murder in the Heartland, TV movie, according to Wikipedia, this film saw a limited release on VHS. Brian Dennehy was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a miniseries and Ronald Victor Garcia was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography. (

1992 – An American Story, TV movie, still available at Amazon on VHS. (

1990 – A Killing in a Small Town, used the historic courthouse. Available on Amazon. (

1988 – Dakota, filmed in the spring of 1987, used the town square. Available on Amazon. (

1987 – When The Time Comes, TV movie, available on VHS from Amazon (

1974 – Benji, used The Dowell House Bed & Breakfast, is available in DVD and VHS on Amazon (

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Tracking Legislation

By Ken Paxton, State Representative

Tuesday, January 11, 2010 marks the first day of the 82nd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature. Each legislative session, constituents ask me how to track legislation important to them. The Texas Legislature Online has a number of tools available to make bill tracking easy.

Bills may be searched online by bill number, author or sponsor, committee, subject, action, or a particular date (filing date) at Pre-filing of bills has already begun, so you can see what bills have already been filed for the upcoming session. Additionally, I will discuss here in the coming weeks the bills I have already filed to be considered during the 82nd Legislative Session.

Interested parties or individuals may also create a personal list of bills for tracking purposes and can even receive electronic notification when there are actions affecting particular legislation. One may also receive e-mail notification when selected calendars, committee hearing notices or committee minutes are posted. These services are free of charge. To create a “My Texas Legislature Online” personal list, go to

The Texas Legislative Council House Document Distribution section distributes hard copies of bills, as well as other house documents and copies of general information and legislative reference publications to members of the legislature as well as to the general public. For more information on obtaining copies of any of these documents, visit their website at

Finally, vote information on bills is included in the House or Senate journal if a record vote is requested at the time the vote takes place, or if a member registers within a specified time limit to request that his or her vote is recorded in the journal. This allows constituents to keep track of how their legislators voted on a particular bill. For more information on tracking legislative votes, visit To learn who represents you in the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate, visit and enter your address.

I hope these resources will prove to be useful for people living in Collin County. I believe it is important for voters to know the issues being discussed and considered by their government, and I strongly believe that constituents have the right to know how their elected officials voted on any particular issue. I look forward to serving you in Austin, and I welcome your feedback during this time.

Representative Ken Paxton is running for Speaker of the Texas House.

Paxton: Winter 2010 Appliance Rebate program

Winter 2010 Appliance Rebate program
By State Rep. Ken Paxton, Capitol Steps
Texas Comptroller of Public Account Susan Combs announced that Texas will offer a new appliance rebate program starting in the Winter of 2010 using unclaimed rebate funds. There are approximately $10 million of unclaimed rebates from earlier this year and Texas residents with a valid Texas residential address qualify for a rebate if they follow all program rules.
Eligible appliance categories will include ENERGY STAR refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners, washing machines (but not dryers), dishwashers, central air conditioners, air-source heat pumps and water heaters. To qualify for the ENERGY STAR label, an appliance must meet rigorous energy efficiency and water efficiency standards set by the federal government. These appliance use less energy and less water than regular appliances and thus help consumers save money each month of their utility bills. To view a list of ENERGY STAR qualifying models, go to
Appliance rebates will be available on a first-come, first-served basis through a purchase and mail-in rebate program; not a phone or on-line reservation system. The rebate amounts for this program have not yet been determined but will be released when the program launches.
The goal of the appliance rebate program is to stimulate the Texas economy and provide savings to Texas residents. To learn more about this program or to sign up for email alerts, please visit

Police warn restaurants of possible fraud

FRISCO, TX – Recently, several Frisco restaurants have received phone calls from an unknown person who states that they are with the City of Frisco Health Department and that they are going to be coming to the restaurant to perform an inspection.

The caller states that they will need access to the kitchen and also requests that the restaurant pay a fee in advance for the inspection. During the reported incidents to police, no one has actually shown up to perform the inspection or collect money.
The City of Frisco Health and Food Safety Division does conduct unannounced inspections, but the only fees that would be charged are permit fees and re-inspection fees, when necessary.
Frisco police are concerned that unsuspecting restaurants may become a victim of fraud. If you believe that you or your business has recently become a victim of this or a similar scheme, please contact the Frisco Police Department at 972.292.6010 to file a police report.

For questions regarding the validity of an inspection, contact the City of Frisco Health and Food Safety Division at 972.292.5304.

GOP chair says thanks to voters


Wow! What an Election Day “Victory” for us. Last Tuesday our results were outstanding from our County to Washington. The message was loud and clear about “Taking our Country Back” and going back to conservative principles and values, which is the foundation of our Republican Party.

Thank you and the tremendous volunteers that helped our County get the strong GOP turnout and results we did. You are extraordinary for your help and support. You can see from the results what a “BIG” difference your efforts made for Candidates, Party and Country.

We are forever grateful for your help and support.

Fred Moses
Collin County Republican Party Chairman

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