Early voting is under way

By State Rep. Florence Shapiro
Just as our members of Congress need to be disciplined in the fight against reckless government spending, so should our state legislators.

With the possibility of an $18 billion budget gap, the upcoming legislative session will be unprecedented. It will require leadership, discipline, and a whole lot of old-fashioned grassroots involvement.

But it begins with your vote.

As a member of the Senate Finance Committee and as YOUR conservative leader in the Texas Senate, Senator Shapiro is already involved in the battle of philosophies regarding the proper role of taxpayer dollars. To continue that fight, she needs your support.

Early Voting Locations

The Texas Secretary of State has provided a quick and easy way to find out where to vote in your county:


Other Ways to Help

Please log on to http://www.shapirofortexas.org to:

* Keep up-to-date on the campaign
* Contribute to the campaign
* Let Senator Shapiro know what your priorities are for the legislative session next year

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