Baumbach recovering after stroke

The publisher of the Collin County Observer column, Bill Baumbach, suffered what appears to be a mild stroke Sunday evening. He is stable and undergoing testing in a Plano hospital.
With a “normal” patient, the report might also say that he is “resting comfortably,” however, being Bill, that just doesn’t seem to apply.
He was dressed and roaming the hospital early Monday morning, and is actively thinking about several articles he plans to write for the Observer. To that end he spent time this afternoon reviewing the video of Monday’s Collin County Commissioner’s Court meeting and discussing research that needs to be done for upcoming articles. He is in good spirits, and as feisty as usual with family, friends and hospital staff.
That being said, he sometimes has trouble finding the right words and connecting them in the right order, particularly when typing. We are confident that this will be a temporary condition, so for the time being, a team of volunteer copy editors and researchers/reporters will be helping Bill keep the Observer current.
We may not be able to post as often as usual, but we will maintain a watchful eye on local government and keep you informed as we head into the final weeks before the November General Election.
We are fortunate that Bill’s stroke wasn’t more serious than it seems, but he may have been in a much better situation now if he had asked for help earlier than he did.
As best we can tell, he started experiencing confusion around 11 a.m. and finally called his son around 6 p.m. Grant immediately recognized that there was something seriously wrong with his father and called local authorities who dispatched an ambulance.
Bill was lucky, but the next person who has symptoms of a stroke may not be so fortunate. We hope you will keep his experience in mind if you or someone near you is exhibiting any of these symptoms:
• Numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, particularly on one side of the body
• Confusion or difficulty performing simple tasks
• Speech problems, including using or understanding normal words
• Dizziness, loss of balance or coordination, difficulty walking
• Severe headache, for no apparent reason
• Vision problems

Even if you’re not sure, ask someone who can help you or call 9-1-1. And if you’re trying to help someone you think may be having a stroke, don’t take no for an answer, no matter how bull-headed they are! (yes Bill, this means you!)
Delay can mean the difference in life or death, and between a normal life or permanent disability. You can learn more about the warning signs of stroke on the American Heart Association website –

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