A Storybook wedding for the Deputy Chief

By J.B. Blocker

The first wedding since the reopening of Dry Gulch western village in the back 10 acres of Storybook Ranch in McKinney came together like magic.
Mark down Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 was a historic night for many reasons. The last time the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Jupiter were in opposition (on a vertical plane) was in 1951. The next closest sighting will be in 2022.
On Thursday evening, the first newlyweds from the Storybook reopening were able to view this rarity knowing that all their stars were aligned.
For McKinney’s Deputy Chief of Police Kim Lee and her new husband Sean Malolepszy, the 23rd has become life changing. Both of their birthdays are on the 23rd and now they are Mr. and Mrs. Malolepszy.
The Chief will take on her new last name. It will be much harder for people to say or spell.
The wedding included Sean’s children Chynna and Maddie, and Kim’s children Kenzie and Jason along with a close collection of family and friends.


When Justice of the Peace Paul Raleeh arrived, he shared his long relationship with Storybook.
“I used to work events here 20 years ago as an officer on security detail. I remember working with this good looking blonde. We even baked cookies together for an event. I married her!”
On Thursday, he officiated as Sean and the Chief were married, too!
In a quaint, personal, and sometimes humorous ceremony the I-Do’s were recorded by McKinney photographer Juan Carlos Cortez and can be viewed on-line at entertainmentphotos.net.
The whole affair was made possible by a series of coincidences.
The day after the couple decided that Sept. 23rd was the perfect date, Chief Lee visited Storybook Ranch for the first time to help Directors Wayne Kirk and Vanessa Fry coordinate security for upcoming events.
When Kim saw the little white chapel with 100 year old stained glass from the original Adophus that had been moved in years ago from Clarksville, Texas, she mentioned her intentions to marry in a private ceremony at the courthouse.
Wayne would have none of that!
He insisted on using the chapel. The Chief was concerned about the details on such short notice, especially since judges are readily available at the court house but not so much outside on short notice.
I happened to have JP Paul Raleeh on my speed dial, and he always responds to me so I took a shot and explained the situation. As you read above, the Justice of the Peace had his own personal reasons for offering his services.
Next, Wayne volunteered me to take the wedding photos. Now I have hundreds of photos published in the locals each year, but they are of the impromptu event category. This was the wedding for the Deputy Chief of Police in my hometown!
So, I called my friend Juan Carlos to take the photos and volunteered my guitar and a wedding song for my part.
I told Kim, I don’t do “Here Comes the Bride,” but I would be honored to play a song of my own for their First Dance.


You know that Go Daddy commercial with Danica Patrick getting pulled over by a woman officer who pulls off her sunglasses, let’s her long luxurious hair down, and then reveals her Go Daddy shirt? No one really believes that the women in all the cop TV series are really that hot in real life.
I’ve known Kim for about two years. I’ve only seen her with her hair pulled back tight, her shades on, and a bullet proof vest under full police uniform.
Who knew? Look at their wedding photos at entertainmentphotos.net and you’ll see what I mean.
Sean knew!
Congratulations to the new couple, and best wishes.

J.B. Blocker is a media consultant with Impress Me Media based in Historic Downtown McKinney, Texas.

Rep. Ralph Hall supports GOP Pledge to America

Congressman Ralph Hall (R-TX/4) joined House Republicans this week in support of their “Pledge to America,” a governing agenda reflecting the top concerns and priorities of the American people. The agenda is based on hundreds of listening sessions that Republicans held in their respective districts throughout the year.

“A majority of citizens in my district and a majority of Americans believe that our country is going in the wrong direction,” Hall said. “They are frustrated with a Congress that continues to borrow, tax, and spend rather than work to reduce record-high unemployment, a growing federal debt, out-of-control spending and expansion of government.”

“Our agenda seeks solutions to Americans’ top concerns: creating jobs, cutting spending, and reforming how Congress conducts the nation’s business,” Hall noted. “This agenda not only reflects the priorities of American citizens but also the principles and values upon which America was founded. It offers concrete solutions that can be implemented immediately.”

“We need to put America back on course for fiscal responsibility by working to balance the budget, cut government spending, and create jobs, and I will continue to work with my colleagues to achieve these goals,” Hall pledged.

Highlights of “A Pledge to America” are as follows:

*Roll back government spending to 2008 pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, with exceptions for seniors, veterans and troops;

*Freeze tax rates for two years;

*End the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP);

*Repeal and replace the costly government takeover of health care and put in place reforms such as allowing the purchase of health insurance across State lines, expansion of Health Savings Accounts, ensured access for patients with pre-existing conditions, and a permanent prohibition on taxpayer funding of abortion.

*Keep our nation secure at home and abroad by providing for a strong defense, fully funding missile defense, establishing operational control of the border and enforcing current immigration laws;

*Publish bills three days in advance to allow time for Members of Congress and the public to understand the legislation;

*Make it easier to offer amendments to reduce spending and hold weekly votes on spending cuts.

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