Proposal at the Parade

By Beth Shumate, McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau

Army PFC MP Caleb Binkley proposed to his girlfriend, Emma Marland (both 2009 McKinney Boyd High School graduates), from the Operation Appreciation truck (driven by John Dugan) in McKinney’s Hometown July 4th Parade on Sunday. PFC Binkley ships out to South Korea in a few days for a one-year tour of duty and wanted to have a ring on her finger before he left. It was no wonder that his surprise romantic gesture was greeted with an enthusiastic “YES!” and a kiss from his new fiancee’ before she joined him in the vehicle for the rest of the parade. Emma said she was expecting him to propose sometime, but she never thought it would be like this. His mother, Zon Binkley, however, had said a couple days before the parade that the two had been together since his return last week from five months of MP training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. “Oh, she’ll say ‘yes,’” she enthusiastically told the MCVB when asked if there was any doubt what her answer would be. “They’ve been talking about it, but I was so proud of Caleb wanting to do something so romantic and special!”

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