Warrant roundup, Gov. Perry at Breadwinners, Four Funny Females

The City of McKinney is participating in a statewide warrant roundup starting Feb. 19. The effort in McKinney will primarily target people with outstanding class C warrants, although all warrants are subject to be served. Anyone with an outstanding warrant or citation is urged to take care of it as soon as possible to avoid arrest.

“Due to the success of the roundup over the last few years, we expect to resolve a large number of outstanding warrants. Anyone with an outstanding warrant could be arrested at any time of the day or night – at home or at work,” said City Marshal Tim Rich. “We always prefer that people take care of their violations and encourage them to do so rather than being arrested.”

Approximately 200 agencies across Texas will be participating in this fourth annual roundup. Agencies participating in the McKinney roundup include: The McKinney Marshals Office, McKinney Municipal Court, McKinney Police Department and the McKinney Citizens on Patrol.

For more information on how to pay citations and avoid arrest during the warrant roundup, contact the McKinney Municipal Court at 972-547-7679, or appear in person Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Thursdays 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. at 130 S. Chestnut St., McKinney. You can also pay online at http://www.mckinneytexas.org by clicking on the “I Want To” tab.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be at Breadwinners at 4021 Preston Road, #611 in Plano at 3:20 p.m. Friday.
He will be at the Panera Bread Company at 7839 Park Lane in Dallas at 4:45 p.m. Friday.


Four Funny Females will perform at 8 p.m. Saturday in the McKinney Performing Arts Center in Historic Downtown McKinney. Tickets: 214-544-4630.

To see video for a preview, go to http://www.laurabartlett.com.

Visit http://www.mckinneyperformingartscenter.org to purchase tickets.


MISD Supt. J.D. Kennedy commends school and parents

Yesterday afternoon, McKinney ISD received results from the environmental tests taken at Bennett Elementary School following a sewage backup and leak that occurred on Tuesday. All results came back negative and showed no active bacteria to be found in the areas where the leak occurred. The district followed all state and local requirements for reporting, testing, and sanitizing the building as a result of the unforeseen accident.

In addition, outside areas potentially affected by the leak were treated and areas surrounding the playground have been temporarily fenced. Ongoing tests will continue over the next few days, but based upon the findings the district is confident the issue has been resolved in a timely and appropriate manner, ensuring that students are in a safe learning environment.

The district has replaced sheetrock, sanitized and treated all affected surfaces and walls, and will replace all of the carpet in the affected areas. The carpet is manufactured to the district’s specifications and will require several weeks to be delivered. In the meantime, students will be allowed to return to their classrooms next week, will have access to regular classroom furniture, and rugs will be placed on the sealed concrete until the carpet can be replaced.

“We know that the bare concrete may not be ideal, but we will utilize rugs and create as welcoming an environment for students as possible,” said Dr. J.D. Kennedy, Superintendent of Schools.

“In order to allow time to receive the carpet, and minimize disruption to instruction, the carpet will be installed during Spring Break.”

Installation will begin in roughly three weeks. If all goes as expected, the district plans for students to return to classrooms next week.

Maintenance crews, volunteers from Central Administration, and teachers from other schools all pitched in today to help the school and to provide teachers with an opportunity to pack and move items so that the classrooms can be prepared for students to return next week. Currently, the campus is utilizing the library, cafeteria, and other classrooms as instructional space.

“Our teachers are extremely adaptable, and have done a phenomenal job to ensure that instruction continues during this difficult and unavoidable incident,” added Dr. Kennedy. “The school and our parents should be commended for their support”.

McKinney ISD worked in conjunction with the City of McKinney to resolve the issue with the broken sewage line.


Celina’s Don Newsom will be presenting a program of the Presidents and their wives at the North Texas History Center in Historic Downtown McKinney on Virginia near McDonald. His. “Presidential Love” will begin at 7 p.m. Friday.

Newsom is a former Celina ISD superintendent and NTHC board vice chairman. He will discuss relationships between presidents and their wives and significant others.

Tickets are $10 for 1, $15, for 2, and $20 for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children). Purchase tickets in the online gift shop (www.northtexashistorycenter.org), at the North Texas History Center (300 E. Virginia, McKinney, TX 75069), or call (972) 542-9457 ext. 100.

Admission includes light refreshments. All proceeds benefit the NTHC..


This Sunday the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary offers free admission to McKinney residents. Please bring proof of residency to the Heard from 1-5 p.m. Sunday.


David M. Smith launched his run for County Judge on Thursday at the Hedgcoxe Health Plaza in Plano. He will take on the winner of the Republican Primary race between County Judge Keith Self vs. challenger John Muns.


Want to weigh-in on the McKinney economy. The McKinney Economic Development Corporation and McKinney Chamber of Commerce are surveying companies this month on their views on doing business in McKinney.

Call Greg Sims at the MEDC at 972-562-5430 or Becky Horn at the McKinney Chamber at 972-542-0163


McKinney’s annual Daddy-Daughter Dance, hosted by the McKinney Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department, will hit the floor from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the McKinney Community Center.


The “Famous McKinney Lions Club Chili Supper and Auction” will be March 2 at McKinney High School. This is the 57th year of the event.

In addition to all of their service work for the community, here’s what the Lions have been doing in 2010.

Jan. 6, 2010 – Lion Karin Dowdy and husband explain their western shooting hobby.
Jan. 13, 2010 – Kim Jackson with North Texas Transit Authority
Jan. 20, 2010 – Jeff Blackard with Adriatica Development
Jan. 27, 2010 – Brian Herbert with the NBA team in Frisco – a farm team of the Mavericks
Feb. 3, 2010 – Mary McRaie Collin College
Feb. 10, 2010 – Jerry Curtis – Attracting customers in a tough economy
February 17, 2010 – Students of Month – District Governor Nuss
Feb. 24, 2010 – Cindy Johnson, Chestnut Square McKinney
March 2, 2010 – Lions Chili Supper-Auction at McKinney High
March 3, 2010 – Ken Wiegand – McKinney Airport
March 10, 2010 – Patrick Sowers – Operation Once in a Lifetime
March 17, 2010 – Rodney Stell – Civil War Historians

The Lions say: Don’t miss these programs at the weekly Lions Club luncheon, every Wednesday at the Eldorado Country Club at noon. Visitors are welcome. Don’t wait to be invited.

MPAC’s Mover and Shaker: David Taylor

David Taylor
Job title: Director
How long you’ve been at the job: Since we opened, March 2006
Favorite part of your job: Looking for great acts that fulfill the request of the citizens of McKinney and working with our stakeholders: sponsors, subscribers and tenants.
What time do you wake up in the morning? 7 a.m.

What time do you go to sleep? midnight

Birthday: Aug. 10, go Leo’s!
Your philosophy on age: It’s a state of mind, your only as old as you feel, I still do things I did when I was younger
Place born: Fort Madison, Iowa
Are you a youngest, middle or oldest child? Three siblings, oldest boy, third child
Nicknames you were called by your family: Daytona, I drive very fast
States lived in other than Texas: Indiana, Illinois, Wyoming, California
Favorite state? California
Why? Those were my army days, so being a part of something bigger, and the culture on the bay, big city life but no attitude. I was stationed in Oakland Ca., for four years.
College or university attended: University of Illinois at Springfield

High school attended: Fort Madison, Iowa
Favorite home-cooked meal: Ribeye steak, baked potato and asparagus
Favorite dessert: carrot cake
Vegetable that you won’t touch: none, I actually like my veggies.
Number of cups of coffee/caffeinated soft drinks/iced or hot tea you consume a day: three coffees to wake-up, maybe a soda or two.
Favorite breakfast food: eggs, bacon and toast.

Favorite food: King Crab Legs
The last time that you got all dressed up for an evening out on the town: Jan. 12, New York, Met with Melora Hardin, known as Jan from the Office, she has been in 17 Again, 27 Dresses and Monk, among other shows, she has an amazing cabaret show and new CD coming out this April. I went to her premiere party. She was born in Texas and would like to do her cabaret at MPAC, then I went to the Shoshana Bean concert, who would be amazing at MPAC! She starred in Wicked and Hairspray and is a perfect fit. Check out her website at http://www.shoshanabean.com/ and let me know what you think. She doesn’t have a lot of name recognition but she has a killer show, I would love to bring both shows to McKinney but I need sponsors!
Favorite band when you were 20: Simply Red
Favorite band now: 17 Hippies
Last CD that you bought: Simply Red, 25th Anniversary

Something almost nobody knows about you: I get very excited about finding creative ways to work with those businesses that sponsor the MPAC. Their financial support is vital to the health of the arts, and with businesses such as Emerson Technologies, Wells Fargo Advisors, Cambridge Homes, True Rumors and Tucker Hill, they prove that being a part of a community means investing in a vibrant arts program which gives a city its soul.
Something you’re known for: I am very high energy and creative with a sarcastic sense of humor.
What good luck item do you carry with you? I wear my dog tags

Dogs or cat? I have a cat, I inherited from my grandparents when they past away last year, SweetPea, (she’s huge!) and a miniature schnauzer, Hali that found her way to my front door last Thanksgiving night, never had a dog before, but she’s a lot of fun.
What was the name of your favorite childhood pet? Taffy, a collie at my grandparents farm

Last movie you saw in a theater: Harry Potter
Last book you read: The Heretic’s Daughter, by Kathleen Kent a Dallas writer, The McKinney Library, Chestnut Square, Heard Craig House, North Texas History Center and the MPAC are working on a Read Across McKinney program based on the play, the Crucible, which is actually about one of Kathleen Kent’s ancestors.

Collin County Observer on 2010 elections


In the latest development over the equipping of District Attorney investigators as a “Rapid Response Team” complete with automatic weapons, the DA has notified the courts that until they “revise” their Mission, these “courthouse commandos” will not deploy.
In her memo addressed to the Courthouse Security Committee, DA Chief Investigator Novaline Varner wrote:
“The Collin County District Attorney’s Office is in the process of revising our Mission concerning First Responders. Effective immediately the Collin County District Attorney’s Office will not deploy a First Responders Team from our Office for any courthouse emergency or security matter. We will advise you when our mission study and any revisions have been completed.
“We will continue to support the Collin County Courthouse Security Committee and of course abide by Art. 2.13 Code of Criminal Procedure, Duties and Powers of a Peace Officer.”
The lack of a clearly defined mission and agreements between the DA Team and Bailiffs and other Law enforcement agencies was highlighted by the Commissioners Court in their discussion of the purchase of SWAT Team equipment last month.
When asked by commissioners about the apparent lack of procedures, Varner responded “We are working on an SOP, so everybody will know what they’re doing. but all of that takes time. While we’re wasting time getting through the red tape, we’re still training. I don’t want us to come across that we’re some kind of ‘Three Stooges’ type [operation].”
It is not known if the District Attorney will proceed with the purchase of $25,306.46 in SWAT Team guns and equipment utilizing his Drug Forfeiture Fund.
Collin County District Attorney: GOP Candidates at forum
The Collin County Observer believes that the District Attorney’s race is one of the most important election contests in recent county history.
I have tried on several occasions to record speeches by the three Republican candidates, but unfortunately I have not been able to get a good recording because these guys wander all over the stage and auditorium – delivering their talks “on the hoof.” It’s impossible to film them with a hand-held camera.
I am grateful to the Collin County Conservative Republican Club who super glued these gentlemen’s shoes to the floor long enough for me to record their opening remarks.
I hope you find the effort worthwhile and are able to learn something about these contenders who want to be your next District Attorney.

District Attorney race: Campaign contributions

Contributions July – Dec. $18,690
Expenditures July – Dec. $7,429
Campaign account balance Dec. 31 – $10,421
Loans – $5,000
Major contributors (+- $1,000):
Timothy Powers – $5,000
Frank Perez – $1,000
Mike Pinchinson – $1,000
Dallas Police Assoc. PAC – $1,500

Contributions July – Dec. $15,011
Expenditures July – Dec. $20,779
Campaign account balance Dec. 31 – $6,011
Loans – $46,000
Major contributors (+- $1,000):
William Bray – $6,000 (in-kind)
Clark Kennington – $3,000
Clark Kennington – $2,000 (pledged)
Harold Simmons – $1,000
Michelle Buckolow – $3,000 (in-kind)
Jeff Bray – $20,780

Contributions July – Dec. $6,325
Expenditures July – Dec. $4,893
Campaign account balance Dec. 31 – $6,325
Loans – $
Major contributors (+- $1,000):
Bernardo De La Garza – $1,000
Gloria Trevino – $2,500

Contributions July – Dec. $61,618
Expenditures July – Dec. $30,108
Campaign account balance Dec. 31 – $33,837
Loans – $
Major contributors (+- $1,000):
ABC Pediatrics McKinney PA – $1,000
Barbieri, Heather – $1,000
Barrett, Peter – $2,500
Baxter, Sam – $3,000
Burnham, Jim – $1,000
Crowder, Darlina – $1,000
Dean, Shan – $2,500
Finkelstein, Jeff – $1,500 (in-kind)
Franklin, Richard – $1,000
Gomez, David – $1,000
Herblin, Dana – $1,000
Howard Shapiro Attorney-at-Law PC – $1,250
Key, Paul – $1,000
Martin, EX III – $2,500
May, Jennie – $5,000
McCall, David III – $1,000
McKool, Mike Jr, – $2,000
Mitchell, Tandy – $1,000
Parker, George – $2,500
Renfro, John – $9,000
Waddill Skinner LLP – $1,000
Warmbrodt, Michelle – $2,500

MPAC: McKinney Performing Arts Center survey

The McKinney Performing Arts Center, known as MPAC, and the Old Court House are being examined by the city council. MPAC has been running a survey online to better learn what the community wants from the facility.
The following are some answers to the survey as printed by the McKinney Courier-Gazette on Sunday, Feb. 7:

• We have enjoyed all the shows we have attended and look forward to more in the future.
• I really like the silent movies with the organ. Seeing “The General” was absolutely fantastic, but “Phantom of the Opera” wasn’t so good. The film quality was poor and the organist was only so-so. With any event, cost is a big issue. At $30+ each for an hour or two is just too rich for me. The Army Jazz Band was very good too.
• My first visit was to see Dixie’s Tupperware Party earlier this year. Perfect venue for show; wouldn’t want to sit for much longer show on the seats even with cushions but don’t want to lose the charm & character of the room.
• Guitarist Andy Timmons is a well known guitarist who lives in McKinney. Voted “Musician of the Year” four years in a row in the acclaimed Dallas Observer Music Awards. Sold over a million.
• Would also love to see the Diamonds, Van Morrison, Jay and the American’s, Any Tribute bands Thank You…………Loren Davidson
• I went to the MPAC when it first opened and saw Michael Martin Murphy play. It was so great and I would love to see him there again!
• This survey is an excellent idea. Thank you for taking the time to send the query.
• We thought the big-name entertainment you had the first year was super!
• I don’t know if you can bring some one in for much less than $20. I came to see the Dixie Tupperware show and LOVED it. Also love comedians. My problem is I have to pay a babysitter in addition to evening out.
Would love to see if you could have some sort of open mike night (music) with 20 or 30 minute sets on Friday or Saturday night once a month to get people who are down on the square for dinner to come in and listen to music and get to know the venue. You could even have a nominal admission price ($3 to 5) and bar service if you did not have to pay the entertainment. Or it could be play for tips kind of thing. If I could just stop in between 6 and 10 p.m. before or after dinner, then it could be a spur of the moment thing.
• Any of the greatertuna performances: http://www.greatertuna.com/ 3 Red Neck Tenors http://www.3rednecktenors.com/ Bill Engval Jeff Dunham One of the military precision drill teams
• The seat cushions are nice but aren’t that much of an improvement. Very uncomfortable!
• I love most genres of music and performance. It’s great when I can go to performances accessible to high school students my age in price and content.
• Make the seats in the theater more comfortable!
• You have great events. … but ticket prices are high for good seats.
• Love what you guys are doing.
• I would love to see more things for us 30ish people. I loved the Doug Benson show!
• I loved the performances I attended but will think long and hard about attending another. The seats are to hard even with one cushion.
• Our circle of friends love the type of shows you see in Branson, Mo. We were delighted to see Reba
McIntire in Allen last week. We hope for more shows like that without having to travel so far.
• Please consider adding more comfortable seating. The current seating is very hard and uncomfortable.
• Price I would be willing totally depends on the event and who is performing.
• Access to the MPAC is not user friendly. Lack of parking, lack of handicap facilities that are user friendly, stage being on third floor, all make for problems. I wish the money had been spent on the art center where all the cities came together.
• I really don’t care for the use of frames on your website. It makes me have to type the url to not have a frameset in it. Also, the navigation bar at top scrolls out of sight when you scroll down and it seems weird for all the real estate on the left to just have an “admin” link. Also, I tried to get tickets to the Marc Broussard event but couldn’t get two tickets together. Was it really sold out?? I can’t imagine that many people around here really know who he is.
• Love MPAC. Love the acoustics, the mix of entertainment. Hate the seats. get more comfy ones, please. MPAC is one of the best things we’ve got going up here in McKinney.
• MPAC is a great place to enjoy a concert. Duncan Sheik would be great again!
• MPAC is wonderful, BUT . . . no one knows it! You ABSOLUTELY need to get a nice marquee sign on
opposite corners of the site – even if at ground level. This would let people know what is going on inside and greatly increase the “drop in” and “spontaneous” crowd.
• Personally, I’d like to see a program of entertainment that strives not only to be a community value, but one that sets McKinney apart from similar but tepid efforts in other communities across the nation. Just as not every blockbuster is worth paying to see in a theater, not all entertainment is top shelf.
Understanding that this is not entirely easy to accomplish, if the MPAC rated events in a bronze, silver, or gold type system, selling season tickets to one or all ratings etc., it would help to expose the community to various types of entertainment.
Unique entertainers are always worth seeing. As an example, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalyptica is a cello quartet that covers Metalica songs (heavy rock) and odd combination, but truly worth experiencing. I believe the community should support local endeavors but also bring in unique and high value events as well. Hopefully that made sense.
• I love the location but unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend much.
• Last February I drove out to Fort Worth to see a Hawaiian concert. It was very well-attended. I know there are a lot of us relocated Hawaiians here in the metroplex that stay in touch with the culture. Music is a big part of the culture.
• “In defense of the caveman”
• Retired thx for asking
• You are trying to sell $31 tickets to almost no takers when you could be selling $15 dollar tickets and fill the place up. Think about it.
• Would also like to see other well known Jazz musicians like those that play at this venue in Austin:
http://www.oneworldtheatre.org/AllShows.html#Sinbad Especially Craig Chaquico, Dave Mason, Ottmar Leibert and Christopher Cross.
• We like comedy… If the comedy is about sex or crass… then it is too easy… We like comedy that is not that easy…. • There is a special tour starting soon with three flamenco guitarists teaming up: Pavlo, Rick Emmett, and Oscar Lopez. This is the kind of special event I would love to see at MPAC. Thanks for asking our opinion!!!
• Availability of adult beverages-one upstairs and down, longer sales The area has a nightlife-attract those
people. Start shows at 9. .. when it’s over we will go out, not go home or eat dinner. They start tooo early on the weekends. I don’t want to attend a show at 7…that’s dinner time. Try to book seats together, like sell only floor to the front first…when people are spread out it seems strange and cold. Curtain off unsold areas force it to be more cozy and intimate. Maybe temporarily take out the very front seats so people could stand below the stage or dance. Ask shows in Dallas area if they will book in a block with MPAC. Will whoever is coming to Allen do an additional more intimate show while they are in the area? You can charge more per ticket and maybe get the performer for less since it is a grouping. I worked at the Community College, and we would book speakers/artists with the other colleges/universities in the area. The performers loved it, more shows, and they could stay in the same hotel room for more than one night! You could work out a deal with Rick’s to have them stay there….that would add to the fun. Maybe the artist would stay and go out in McKinney after the shows!
• Totally enjoyed Paula Cole last night – a wonderful performance.
• Classical and jazz guitar
• I would love to see some of the singers from the 60’s such as B.J. Thomas, Johnny Tillotson, Billy Crash Craddock. Another favorite I would love to see brought back is Rodney Crowell. Enjoy country, folk, etc.
How about the Village People? 🙂
• You guys just have to bring in Richie Havens, the man is a legend!!!
• Consider non-denominational Christian artists and/or Southern Gospel. You will fill up the place.
• Need cusioned seats to make performances more comfortable.
• We have missed visitng MPAC this past summer/fall. It has been very busy time for us. But we will beback as soon as things clear up!!
• Prefer Bluegrass and Americana music.
• We just attended Paula Cole concert. Loved it – it was a great evening for us. I wish I was able to see George Winston…..he is one of my favorities for many years. I would love to have the opportunity to see him if he returns. For us there isn’t a limit for a wonderful performance. Many thanks!
• Seats are too uncomfortable to attend anything that is very long.
• I saw Duncan Sheik at the venue and was very impressed with it. As soon as someone of interest plays again, I will be there.
• I would attend more if there were more events I was interested in. I am thrilled we have this venue in McKinney. We especially enjoyed Read Across McKinney when the author spoke.
• I’d pay more than that if it were someone I really wanted to see. If this person was so popular that s/he can only be seen in large venues it would be especially wonderful to see them at the MPAC in an intimate setting. I think of the Granada, House of Blues, when I imagine what the MPAC could be like.
• I loved the Acapella group you had a year or two ago. Would love to see some of the oldies groups — groups that harmonize. Four Seasons, Letterman, Platters. …
•Barbershop, Beatlemania, Turtle Creek Chorale, Bluegrass/ Americana, local talent Why not have a bargain night? Lesser price… try out new acts. Develop a following. Would love to see an local improv theater/game show format, it takes a while to develop. Stack the audience in the beginning 😉 Simulcast on local radio station. Keep asking please, that’s all I can think of right now!
• For professional entertainment I would pay the going price. For local talent I would only pay under $20.00.
• Tommy O is a wonderful professional entertainer who performs several months in Branson and tours the country all year. He performed at Heritage Ranch in March 2009 and has been enthusiastically invited back to perform in April 2010. His ‘Willie Nelson’, ‘Louie Armstrong’ are dead on. But, he can also sing opera. I know he will have April 9 and 10th, 2010 that he will be available in this area and would be available for a performance. You can view some of his music on his website ‘www.TommyO.com’. If you would like to contact me – Pat Valanty. I can put you in touch with his manager. Believe me, he is an unforgetable performer.
• The last time I was in there, the seats were not the most comfortable. Perhaps a more plush seat would be nice.
• To give views a preview of what is coming up i would recommend that you put a video snip it or preview into your email notifications on up and coming events.
• You all rock…but I am biased 🙂
• Paula Cole was amazing–congrats on landing such a big name! We loved Little Shop–the production compared very favorably with far larger venues. Other suggestions: 1. the $1.00 rental seat cushions: just put them down on every chair and charge people another buck in the ticket price! The rental thing is silly.
2. McKinney downtown and MPAC would be better off if they closed the steeets on the square–it should be all-pedestrain in the square area. Having cars roar by spewing stinky pollution does nothing for the ambience downtown.
• How about a Saturday/Sunday “brunch and show” ala House of Blues. The food does not have to be as elaborate, nor will the talent be as expensive – but neither would the prices.
• I see an error in spelling for the ‘Runt’ ad…Oiler.
• We’ve stopped coming to MPAC because of all the country western and contemporary focus. We arespending our money (from 50-100 per ticket) at Fair Park and the Eisemann Center who seem to have an increasingly better selection of theatre performances. We are currently spending about $400 – $600 PER MONTH on multiple shows for four- to six- people per show. Wish we could do that at MPAC since it’s our hometown, but the types of shows are not appealing.
• Gary Morris will play this venue this season if you get right on it. He does this for his charity.
• I would really like to see one or several “ELVIS” impersonators. http://www.jackfoltyn.com – ELVIS impersonator – (Jack from Jack’s Ballroom/McKinney, TX) http://www.thekinglives.com – ELVIS Impersonator – Kraig Parker James L. Wages – ELVIS Impersonator Nathan Belt – ELVIS Impersonator – (went to high school in McKinney)
• Hello, I am searching for a map on your web site since I am signing up for a weekend event in March. A map with location would be nice since I’m coming from Oklahoma City and will be driving. thanks!
• i am a former mckinney resident, actress, comunity theatre instructor now living in alaska…i visit McKinney every 1-2 years, saw your finished facility, and am shopping for theatre tickets for friends in plano as token of appreciation/thank you gift. best wishes for a great season!
• We’ve been to many shows, usually with my children. The show’s write up usually states a time, so I’m willing to spend the money on the show. Then, we get to the show and it lasts a fraction of the listed time.
I feel like I’ve wasted my money and not been told the truth. I’m now leary of buying tickets because I’m
unsure of how long the show will last, knowing the times listed ar most likely a HUGE stretch.
• I don’t see Bluegrass or Christian/Gospel as types of music above, but I’d like to see those added to the survey. 2) I saw this survey listed in the McKinney City flyer.

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McKinney Bed & Breakfasts

Where are you taking her for Valentine’s Day?
McKinney known for Bed & Breakfasts

Don’t know where to go for Valentine’s Day?
How about a Bed & Breakfast?
Reservations are going fast when it comes to Bed & Breakfasts in McKinney.
Here’s what you can expect when spending the night in McKinney
The Bingham House Bed and Breakfast (800 S. Chestnut Street, 972-529-1883) was constructed by a Civil War veteran.
The Georgian Italianate home has been restored, and carefully selected antiques fill the entire home. History abounds, but it is the care and attention to detail that set the owners and this establishment apart from the rest.
The Bingham House is available for weddings, rehearsal dinners, private parties, showers, teas, luncheons, themed events and photo shoots.
One of the most photographed homes in McKinney, the Bingham House B&B has received local, state and national press. Texas Highways, Romantic Inns of Texas, and others have featured numerous articles.
The Bingham House has been rated by local brides and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2008 & 2009 Pick.

Dowell House 1870

The Dowell House 1870 looks familiar to many visitors to McKinney.
The spacious, Federal/ Classical style home (1104 South Tennessee, 972-562-2456) built in 1870, is known as the place where the original “Benji” the dog movie was filmed.
The Dowell House has a rich history and an elegant ambiance to share.
Step back into an era when life was genteel and slow. Linger over a full, fresh breakfast served with china, crystal and silver in the formal dining room. Relax and have that second cup of coffee or sip tea in the sunroom or on the shady deck. Explore McKinney’s old Town Square with its many art galleries, antique and crafts shops.
Drive along quaint streets lined with turn of the century homes; or enjoy one of the many historical museums and sites in the area, yet be close to the many fine restaurants and shopping facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Tartan Thistle

The Tartan Thistle B&B occupies the L. A. Scott home in historic McKinney, Texas. The house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a Texas Historic Landmark.
The original 1880’s Victorian home was expanded and remodeled by Louis and Louise Scott at the turn of the century and includes ample areas for guests to relax on the wide veranda and second floor front porch.
The home (513 West Louisiana, 214-680-2744) has been restored with modern conveniences while maintaining its authentic Neo-Classical Victorian architecture.
The Parlor is typical of the quality décor of the interior of the home. It is the perfect setting for an intimate wedding with up to 70 persons. The room is furnished with antiques including a well tuned baby grand piano for the enjoyment of our musical guests. A set of bagpipes are also available but you will have to take them outside if you’ve a mind to play a tune.
The adjacent canopied dining room features an authentic coal fire in the hearth that provides a cozy setting for a memorable morning meal. This room is available for meetings of up to 20 persons and, in combination with the parlor, for receptions of up to 70.

Virginia Rose Inn

Relax in the understated elegance that is the Virginia Rose Inn bed and breakfast; (504 West Virginia Street, 972-529-9598) situated within easy walking distance to historic McKinney.
This is where you can indulge your body and spirit. Beautiful surroundings, luxurious guest rooms, warm hospitality and memorable breakfasts are their passion and help make this McKinney B&B special.
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Joe Jaynes’ The County Line

The County Line

By Joe Jaynes

County Commissioner

In March, the U. S. Census Bureau will mail a 2010 Census form to every residence in the United States. Please take 10 minutes to fill out and mail back the form. If forms are not mailed back in March then from April through July the Census Bureau will be sending out field representatives to knock on your door or give you a call.

So to avoid the visit or the call, please mail back the form. It is also important to point out that about $85 million in taxpayer dollars are saved for every one percent increase in mail response.

The 2010 Census form will ask for name, gender, age, race, ethnicity, relationship, and whether you own or rent your home – just 10 simple questions that will take about 10 minutes to answer. Your answers are protected by law and are not shared with anyone.

If a Census Field Representative does knock on your door they must present an ID badge that contains a Department of Commerce watermark and expiration date. The field representative may also be carrying a bag with a Census Bureau logo. The field representative will provide you with supervisor contact information and/or the Regional Office phone number for verification, if asked and the field representative will provide you with a letter from the Census Bureau Director on official letterhead.

Field representatives will ask the same 10 questions that are on the mailed form. Field representatives will never ask you for your social security number, bank account number, or credit card number. Census workers also never solicit for donations and will never contact you by e-mail.

In 2000, Collin County’s population was approximately 500,000. Today we are hovering near 800,000. This is a 61% growth rate since the last census. For Collin County citizens accurate counts will mean more representation in both Austin and Washington and more funding for infrastructure and services like:

· Hospitals

· Job training centers

· Schools

· Senior centers

· Bridges, tunnels and other-public works projects

· Emergency services

For more information about the upcoming 2010 Census visit http://www.census.gov/2010census.

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