Senator Craig James?

Former NFL and Southern Methodist University “Pony Express” running back Craig James, known for doing his homework as a football broadcaster, said Thursday morning on KLIF 570-AM that he has been encouraged to consider running for Senate one day.

James said that with no Senate seat open to run for he has been approached and research is under way to determine what it would take to run and win.

“If, and, or when a Senate seat opens, I have been encouraged to run and get in the game and make a difference,” James said when asked by Dallas’ KLIF morning show host Jeff Bolton.

James, an ESPN college football broadcaster, was weighing in as part of a group on the morning show discussing Wednesday night’s State of the Union speech by President Barack Obama.

iPad coming next

Apple’s new iPad has been announced.

Look for a half-inch thick and weighing 1.5 pounds and with 10 hours of battery life is how Jobs described the physical tablet, with 9.7 inches diagonal.

About the size of the e-reader DX Kindle. Leaked photos make the iPad out to be about six times the size of an Apple iPhone. Word is 64gb storage.

A high-resolution screen functions much as the iPhone touchscreen. The virtual keyboard is described as “virtually full-size” by Jobs, who concentrated on the “wow” factor through the first 30 minutes of the presentation..

Facebook works flawlessly in the demonstration. Apple execs say all 140,000 applications available for iPhone will work flawlessly on the new iPad.

Help Haiti at Market Street

By Jennifer Reeves, Special Contributor

Market Street customers, or guests as we prefer to call them, can make a financial contribution to the relief effort of victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Simply add a donation of $1 or more to the grocery bill during the checkout process through Jan. 31, and United Supermarkets will match the first $25,000 in donations, said CEO Dan Sanders.

“There is nothing more devastating to an entire society than a catastrophic natural disaster of the magnitude of the one in Haiti, and it is our responsibility as a humanitarian nation to reach out to those victims,” Sanders said. “We encourage everyone to donate when they buy groceries at any of our 50 store locations.”

All monies raised through effort will be distributed to three Texas nonprofit agencies: American Red Cross, Breedlove Dehydrated Foods and the Salvation Army, all of which are serving the needs of the victims in Haiti.

Frisco’s Market Street is situated on Eldorado Parkway and Dallas Parkway.

Where did she go? Slimming World suspected in disappearance

By J.B. Blocker, Viewpoint

I love the series the Biggest Loser. Watching these people competes and support at the same time as they peel off layers of insecurities and doubts is inspirational. I think it is one of the best reality shows because you watch as dozens put themselves out there for the world to see. And they conquer!

America wants to see the finished products now. They want all of the contestants to have a new and brighter life. They want to share in the successes. We can all relate to one or more of the contestants.

It was sad, but not uncommon expecially in January, as up to 92 percent of people who decided that their New Years resolution was to lose weight will fail at doing so.

The reality series has certainly captivated America with its hundreds of charming participants from across the nation. It has even spawned its own local area spinoffs. America sees that others can do it. They can watch it happen before their eyes and believe it can happen for someone they love.


Now, I’ve never been 10 pounds over my standard 5-foot9 and 165 pounds. My dad and some women in my family, however, were on the heavy side of comfortable. I love them dearly and think of every cousin, sister, aunt, and son on … as beautiful. I have seen the beautiful sides of all my girls so I never really monitored their weight.

Even so, I have been the victim of many diets! My dear mother and her little pack of friends spent the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s testing every delicious diet supplement, cooking style, fat free recipe, and exercise program for rural Texans.

I was never really a fan of all of their diets. I preferred the good ole meatloaf not the turkey one. My father had a triple bypass when I was in high school, so I unwillingly went through the complete change of diet program with the rest of my family. Every failed recipe didn’t necessarily go away. Some of the awful ones stayed in my moms’ arsenal replacing fantastic deserts and rich gravies.

As you can see, I have no love or need for diets. And I can sympathize with those who might have to endure yucky food.


Frisco, Texas The beautiful red head is British soap actress and comedienne Rebecca Wheatley. She is less than half the size of the life size poster of her at 340 lbs. When she married recently, she couldn’t bear to look at her wedding photos! That’s when she joined Slimming World U.K. This year, she is the U.K.’s Woman of the Year at half her original weight.

Pat Fallon in the center of the photo is the Frisco city councilman who vowed to donate $25,000 to Frisco Family Services if he didn’t loose 40 pounds in four months.

They are having fun in Frisco with this challenge as Pat now receives bonus per pound offers of support for thousands of dollars on one side as well as exotic and delicious deserts coming at him from all corners. The challenge could back fire on him in a hurry without support. He came to the Slimming World weekly Frisco meeting to learn their secrets.

The poster of the large man is of Roberto Enrieu. In ’06 he weighed in at 583 pounds. Roberto is an I.T. man trained in all manner of specialty computer programs. When he went to interview for his dream job with a government intelligence agency, he sat down and shattered the seat. He left horrified and humiliated. It also caused him to join a British weight loss society known as SlimmingWorld. Roberto is now that handsome, confident man on the right.


At this weeks Frisco meeting, four people were missing! After 12 weeks of accumulated weight loss for 17 original members, a total of 586 pounds have been lost! That’s the equivalent of loosing four 146 pound people.

These original 17 meet every week and describe each other as their ‘Monday night family’ outside of home. Not all lost weight over the holidays, but this is one club where you won’t be judged for that.

The accumulated results are what matters. That is why experiences are shared!

The two Brit’s visitors are the ’09/’10 poster children for Slimming World U.K. They are in the Dallas- Fort Worth area to lend their celebrity to the five new support groups in Dallas, Collin and Denton counties. Slimming World recognizes the size of the problem here, and has sent these two success stories over the Atlantic to show that there is a solution.

The North Dallas coordinator is Yvonne Sanders. She came from the home office to open the U.S. market. Yvonne is so enchanting and welcoming that she charms everyone immediately. The warmth and camaraderie starts at the door and then is bounced around the club throughout the evening. You hear the word Brilliant a lot. I like the sound of it!

I attended the Frisco weekly support meeting and met the two celebrities. Mentioning the Biggest Looser show, I commented on how physically attractive all these big loosers turn out to be. These two were impressive examples.

What they said showed up in spades when we joined the circle of 540 or more in attendance. When you feel confident and happy, you feel beautiful and it always shows!

At first, I sat in the back prepared to try and stay awake. But I listened to Roberto as he shared his story and found myself up front sitting with the beautiful Rebecca and feeling the depths of Roberto’s pain and joy. Standing there at 350 pounds less than his ’06 weight, he was candid and convincing. The raw emotions were evident but his message was even clearer. Slimming World helped him to learn how to eat, and what to eat with the shared knowledge and experiences of his weekly support group.

Rebecca was equally captivating as her devil may care attitude turned to sad memories of the life she had lived laughing off her obesity through humor. When she addressed the group girl to girl, pent up feelings bubbled out through uninhibited stories of her journey. Once again, it was her support group that helped her to learn better ways to eat and believe!

Slimming World doesn’t sell any supplements. It doesn’t sell vitamins or special dinners, or work out facilities. They meet at churches and community centers once a week in their local groups.

In the middle of the circle they form, there is a table. On this table are different snacks, foods, deserts, recipes and other new food discoveries that members bring to share. The idea is to introduce these tasty alternatives to the group to make eating more of a tasting pleasure.

Everyone openly shares new restaurants, grocery items, and recipes. They weigh in and then share the individual triumphs. The biggest weight loss for this week made the lady extremely emotional. She had watched for weeks as others had a great week of weight loss. This proved to her that she could too. Each success caused discussions about what they did differently.

When you Google ‘weight loss Dallas’ it you are faced with over 3,380,000 results, many of which are unhealthy, many of which are mis-leading and many of which are no use at all. The difference with this program? It makes sense! It uses logic. It costs from $8.75 up to a maximum of $10 a week to be part of the local group meetings and it gives back fellowship and support in apparent abundance.

I expect many more disappearances are in the making in Frisco!

J.B. Blocker is a McKinney-based media consultant. Contact him at

News reporting with an IPad and IPhone while listening to an IPod.

Help the soldiers

A tube of toothpaste could mean the world to a solder returning from the other side of the earth. At some point, it’s the little things that count to someone who’s been fighting for the grandest of ideas.

People can give back a little to those who’ve given so much by contributing to “Operation Once in a Lifetime” in February. Donations of personal items and linens will go to soldiers returning to Fort Hood, Texas.

On Monday, a collection box will be set up just south of the corner of Main Street and Coleman Boulevard, thanks to an effort coordinated by Frisco Square Development.

“We’ve received a strong response to our announcement about this effort,” said Cathy Sweeney, a managing partner at Frisco Square. “The generosity and support for our troops by the people of Frisco and surrounding communities is well-known.

“Our partners, who include IESI, Frisco ISD, Trendmaker Signs and the Frisco Noon Lions Club have not hesitated to help us and we expect that we will have a very successful result.”

Donations will be collected from 8 a.m. Monday to 6 p.m. Feb. 28. There will be signs and a camouflage net covering a tent to protect the box, and donations, from rain. Access is easy with a place to pull in, right in front of the box. The box will be locked each night and unlocked each morning at 8 a.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. weekends.

Returning soldiers need shower curtains and rings; twin-bed linen sets, blankets and pillows. Toiletries needed for men and women include feminine hygiene products, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, tooth brushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, after shave and cologne. These are items the armed services don’t provide at the Fort Hood barracks.

Gift cards, restaurant discount coupons and pre-packaged snacks are also welcome.

A list of items to donate is attached to the box. The same list can be downloaded, along with a receipt for use with tax records, from the Frisco Square Web site,

News reporting with an IPad and IPhone.

To help Vets all year round:

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